8 Top Tips for Awesome Eye Makeup ...


8 Top Tips for Awesome Eye Makeup ...
8 Top Tips for Awesome Eye Makeup ...

Eye makeup tips are something that I could certainly do with! I´m still not very good at applying eye makeup, so tend to keep it very simple (if I wear any makeup at all). So I decided it´s time that I finally found some eye makeup tips. If, like me, you need a bit of help, here are some tips for awesome eye makeup …

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Bargain Kit

A good way to start is to buy a cheap kit to practise with. You can pick up some kits at great prices with lots of colours, so you can try out different looks, wipe them off if they don´t work, and try something new. And because the kit is just for practising, it doesn´t matter if the products don´t stay on as long as more expensive ones would.



There are absolutely loads of tips for awesome eye makeup on Youtube tutorials, so if you´re really confused about how to apply eye makeup, look up some of them. Many of them are made by professional makeup artists, but there are also plenty of talented amateurs ready to give you all the help you need to create stunning eyes.



Professional makeup artists always advise you to blend thoroughly. Why is that? Nothing looks more unfinished and clumsy than eye makeup that isn´t blended. In fact, you´ll probably look like you applied your makeup in the dark! So for a polished look, always blend carefully.



One of the eye makeup tips that makeup artists will always give is that it is essential to use good quality brushes. They may require a reasonable initial investment, but if looked after properly will last a long time. So check out which brushes are recommended for great eye makeup.


The Eyes Have It

Do you always have trouble applying your mascara? Always apply it with care (if I put mine on in a hurry, I either smudge it or poke myself in the eye! You may also need to try different brands of mascara before you find one with a wand that works for you. As well as mascara, for amazing eyes use eyelash curlers – your lashes will look stunning.


Don´t Overdo It

Less really is more when it comes to eye makeup. Weird and wonderful colour combinations may work on the catwalk, but really don´t translate into everyday life. Keep your eye makeup subtle and use bright colours with care, perhaps just as a liner.


Work with What You´ve Got

Different techniques work with different shaped eyes, so always use those that are recommended for the type of eyes you have. Another point to bear in mind is if you wear glasses. If you think your eyes are too small, for example, a careful use of techniques can make them look bigger.



The final suggestion in my list of eye makeup tips is PRACTISE! The more that you practise, the more comfortable you will become. Applying eye makeup isn´t a mystery kown only to the favoured few, so try out these tips again and again until you´re happy with the results.

Most of us love makeup, and it can make you look and feel great. So try out these tips for awesome eye makeup and see how gorgeous you can make yourself look (or rather, even more gorgeous!). Have you got any eye makeup tips to help create stunning peepers?

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