10 Non-Smoky Eye Looks That Are Hot AF ...


10 Non-Smoky Eye Looks That Are Hot AF ...
10 Non-Smoky Eye Looks That Are Hot AF ...

If you’re looking for some hot makeup looks that are a fab alternative to the dark smoky eye, you’re in the right place at the right time! Dark smoky eyes are sexy and sultry but can be complicated. So while they look stunning, it’s not always easy to replicate for some. Smoky eyes have also been around for awhile so if you’re looking for something new to try out, check out these 10 different makeup looks minus the smoky eye.

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Wash of Color

A very hot makeup look that looks good anytime is a wash of color on the eyelids and lower lash line. Instead of always going for deep, dark colors, switch things up by adding color! Try soft shades of classic purple, blue, green or bronzy colors and sweep it across your eyelid and on your lower lash line. Let the one main color be the focal point of your eyes and add some mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Keep the remainder of your look neutral.


Experimenting with a monochromatic theme can elevate this simple yet stunning look. Choose a matte or shimmer finish depending on your mood and the occasion. Not only is this approach trendy, but it also simplifies your makeup routine – perfect for those mornings when you're short on time but still want to make an impact. Complement the look with a swipe of a nude lipstick or a gloss to let your eyes truly shine. Remember, sometimes less is more, and a single splash of color can be utterly captivating.


Wild Eyes

A no-smoky eye look doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with eye liner! You don’t have to use liquid eyeliner solely for creating a boring line. While lined eyes can look mysterious and look hot on just about all eye shapes, you can do so much more! Get creative with your liner and try doing something like double or triple winged liner! Neutral eye shadows look best as a backdrop behind really dramatic winged liner that can give the illusion of longer lashes. Keep blush soft and pair the look with your fave lip color.


Hot Lips

Hot makeup looks don’t always have to be about the eyes. Try leaving your eyes bare or bare-looking with just foundation, powder and a natural-looking eye shadow. Groom your brows and let your lips do all the talking with a bright red or your favorite bright colored shade on your lips. This particular look is soft and sweet but bold at the same time!


Colorful Cat Eye

Create a cool and colorful look with this unsmoky eye! Ditch the dark liquid, gel or pencil liner for bright eye liners and mascara to create a colorful cat eye. This look was hot on the runways but the colorful dot on the lower lash line as seen by Anna Sui models is up to you! Apply a thick stroke of color on your upper eyelid and use complementary colored mascara on the top lashes and keep the rest of your makeup soft and subtle with minimal blush and lip color.


To get this playful vibe to perfection, begin with an eyeshadow primer to make those colors pop and stay on point all day or night. Opt for vibrant hues such as electric blue, neon green, or even a bold fuchsia. When drawing the wing, don't be afraid to thicken the line for a more dramatic effect. If you're feeling extra artsy, add a tiny swipe or dot under the eye in a contrasting shade. Finish the look with a nude or clear gloss and let your eyes be the star of the show. Keep brows groomed but natural to avoid overpowering the simplicity of the rest of your face.


Electric Eyes

Another hot makeup look to try out is to use the colored mascara from the colorful cat eye look and wear nothing but bright mascara on your eyes. Look for blue, teal, purple or green and let your lashes take center stage! Keep your lip and cheek color neutral and soft so they don’t compete with your bold and beautiful eyes!

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Vampy Lips

Another one of the hot makeup looks that is comparable to the hot lips look is a vampy, deep red lip with low key eye makeup. This look has been around for awhile but the scarlet lips look just as sexy as the first time I saw this classic look! Keep eye makeup simple and fresh with just black mascara on the top and bottom lashes and apply a deep red to the lips. The twiston this bold lip/subtle eye look is to create a bit of an ombre lip with the inner lip slightly faded.


The Red Eye

A smoky eye alternative that’s just as sizzling as a dark smoky eye is a gorgeous crimson or burnt red color all over the eyelids for an unexpected dash of red. Apply a deep red eye shadow from the base of your eye lashes to slightly past your crease and blend well. If the eye shadow makes your eyes look smaller, try adding some mascara. Keep the rest of your eyes and face simple so your eyes get all the attention! Just like it’s hard to find the right red lipstick for you, it might take a few tries before you find a good red shade for your eyes but it can be done!


Cut Crease

A hot makeup look to try is the cut crease. Cut crease sounds kind of painful but not to worry, no one will get hurt! Cutting a crease really accentuates your eyes and makes them pop plus, you can do a neutral or dramatic look with the technique! There are a few different ways to achieve a cut crease look and if you’re new to the technique, check out the tutorial below for instructions on how to create this alluring look-the jewel on the inner eye is optional of course!


Angled Eyes

Hot makeup looks for the eyes includes a sharp, angled eye or Arabic inspired eye makeup. It might be difficult to recreate this look without tape to avoid fall out and to get a sharp edge so keep that in mind. There are tons of variations with the angled eye look so check out all the different looks online to see what you like best. Take a look at this tutorial for one rendition of the Arabic inspired eyes with sharp angles!


Au Naturale

A natural makeup look where you wear minimal or no makeup at all is one of the hot makeup looks that is a must-try or you should try more often! Minimal makeup is often underrated because we like to wear trendy makeup colors or want to further accentuate our facial features.But the next time you’re thinking of something new to try, try going au naturale or partly naturale. I think we get so used to automatically applying makeup that we forget how hot we naturally are!

Hot makeup looks come in so many styles and colors and there are many more makeup looks that you can create without a smoky eye. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the smoky eye, it’s actually one of my favorite looks but we all need some change every now and then! What’s your favorite eye makeup look?

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Thank you for the article! The smokey eye just doesn't work for some people. I love wearing lighter lighter colors on my lids and it's much more appropriate for work, too!

this is...... ok

If you have those natural bright colored eye you could totally go without eyeshadow and add some mascara like falsies flared or black stilettos mascara. I have tried both and they are so fabulous u don't need any eyeshadow!

Brilliant tips! Love the red on eyes look with a black tightline and half false lashes. My eyes look their most intense green.

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