7 Ways to Get Mascara off Easily ...


7 Ways to Get Mascara off Easily ...
7 Ways to Get Mascara off Easily ...

Learning all of the different and natural ways to get mascara off easily can be hard! I know that when I first started to wear mascara, one of the biggest challenges that I had was learning the ways to get mascara off easily! So girls, you asked for it and we're answering, I've gotten together all of the different ways to get mascara off easily and quickly!

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Be Gentle

The first thing that I learned when I was trying out all of the different ways to get mascara off easily is to be gentle. You don't want to tug and pull on your lashes because that can actually make it a lot worse! If you are just gentle and easy with your lashes, the mascara will come off easier!


Being too aggressive can lead to lash loss and even damage the delicate skin around your eyes. Instead, use light, sweeping motions that encourage the product to break down without causing stress to your lashes. Think of it as a self-care ritual that not only cleanses your lashes but also preserves their health. A gentle approach will ultimately save you from potential irritation and maintain the full, natural beauty of your lashes. Remember, it's not just about removing makeup—it’s about caring for your eyes as well.


Avoid Scrubbing or Tugging at Lashes

Remember when I said to be gentle? Well girls, that means that scrubbing at your eyelashes is a huge no-no! I used to actually take a washcloth and scrub at my lashes when I was in the shower, to make sure that I got the mascara off. If you do this now girls, don't! It'll pull your lashes out. Instead, try some of the ways to get mascara off easily that I have below!


Hold Hot Wash Cloth on Your Eyes to Loose Mascara

Before you start any way to get mascara off easily treatment, take a few extra seconds and actually put your washcloth under hot (as hot as you can handle ladies!) and then actually place the hot wash cloth over your eyes. This will loosen up your mascara and will make it a lot easier to get off! Try it – this worked wonders for me!


Oil-Free Makeup Remover

For those of you that think that makeup remover doesn't work on mascara, you could be using the wrong one! The eye makeup remover that you want to look for is completely oil-free. The one that I use is the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and trust me girls, it works wonders! It gets my mascara off beautifully and all it takes is a few swipes with the cotton ball!


Use Coconut Oil

If you are looking for an all natural way to get mascara off easily, coconut oil will do it for you! Coconut oil in general is fantastic for your hair and your skin, so while you are using it to get off your mascara, you'll also be able to soften up your skin around your eyes and kick those fine lines away! Try this ladies and let me know how it works for you!


Olive Oil

Another natural way to get mascara off easily is olive oil! Just dip your cotton ball in a little bit of olive oil, and rub it along your lashes (after allowing them to heat up with the washcloth of course!) and you'll see just how amazing this treatment really works!



Finally girls, the last natural way to get mascara off easily that I have is by using a little bit of vaseline. Vaseline can work the same way as olive oil and coconut oil, you make sure that you moisten up and loosen up the mascara with the hot washcloth before you apply the vaseline.

There you have it girls! These are my top ways to get mascara off easily! You asked for it and we wrote about it. So ladies, do you have any other ways to get mascara off easily that we missed? Share them below!

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Love coconut oil!

that's for when you get it on your skin accidentally!

I was using coconut oil, but I find that a little dab of nivea cream works the best

I love this! It made my eyes feel so good:)

I'll vouch for coconut oil. It takes off stage makeup quickly, and that stuff is stubborn.

In a pinch mayonnaise !!!

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