7 Tips for Wearing Wine Coloured Lips ...


Knowing how to wear wine lipstick is one way to keep fashionably cool this season. As far as beauty trends go, wine lips will be all the rage for fall and winter. But let’s get one thing straight first: lips stained by wine? Not hot. Wine coloured lipsticks, glosses, and stains? So hot right now! Check out the next couple of tips for how to wear wine lipsticks this season.

1. Natural Complexion

When you wear any bright or bold coloured lipstick, it’s always best to go for a natural complexion as far as makeup is concerned. A peach blush or bronzer, groomed eyebrows, and a coat of mascara are perfect company when it comes to how to wear wine lipstick. Such a dark lipstick can potentially wash you out so some colour on your cheeks is necessary!

Colour Match
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