7 Unexpected Ways to Remove Water-proof Makeup ...


Looking for some ways to remove water-proof makeup? Water-proof makeup is very handy when we want our makeup to last, but taking it off is a whole other story! I think we all know what a pain any type of long-wearing or waterproof makeup can be to remove! So, whether you’re dealing with a lip stain or waterproof eye makeup, I found 7 different ways to tackle the issue, continue reading to learn how!

1. Warm Water

Does using warm water sound like a wackadoodle way to remove water-proof makeup? That’s because warm water is just the beginning of the process! I used to always take a cotton pad soaked with makeup remover straight to my eyes but when I have really stubborn eye makeup, I start by loosening it with some warm water on a washcloth. This step is totally optional but if you’ve got some stubborn mascara on, this can be a great help!

Petroleum Jelly
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