7 Ways to Achieve a Glamorous 1950s Makeup Look ...

Do you adore the 1950s makeup look? Screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell are still admired today, with their simple but elegant makeup. Their glamorous look is surprisingly easy to achieve; you don't need a makeup artist at your beck and call. Try these tips to create a 1950s makeup look …

1. Pale Skin

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For a 1950s makeup look, pale skin is in vogue. Bronzer and fake tan were, mercifully, far away in the future. I personally can't be bothered with all that sculpting and shading, and I love my pale skin. So 1950s-style makeup is perfect for me. Use foundation, and set it with a neutral or peachy powder. A soft peachy or rosy rouge will give just that hint of color.

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