7 Ways to Check if Your Makeup is Counterfeit ...


Where there's a product that someone will pay good money for, there's someone who will make a fake version of it. The counterfeit market is worth a lot of money, and people in search of a bargain often unwittingly buy fake products. But buying fake makeup could be harmful, as they can contain some horrifying and dangerous ingredients. So if you're tempted to buy makeup from online sources such as eBay, here's how to check if your makeup could be counterfeit …

1. You're Buying from an Unauthorised Seller

Some sellers may be selling the genuine product, but you have no idea until you receive it and have the product in your hand. One clue is if the seller has a lot of the same product. Makeup brands will only sell their products through authorised retailers such as Sephora, department stores and drugstores.

It's Too Cheap