7 Ways to Wear Bold Eye Shadow This Season ...


There are many ways to wear bold eye shadow this season. There are no rules when it comes to bold eye shadow and you can use colors or neutrals when creating these looks. The most important tip when applying bold eye shadow is to simply play around and have fun! This list of ways to wear bold eye shadow is just suggestions of ways to have fun with your makeup this year.

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With a Toned down Lip

With a Toned down Lip One of the safest ways to wear bold eye shadow this season is to play up your eyes and tone down your lips. This will draw all the attention to your eyes, really allowing them to shine! If you are just getting used to the idea of bold eye shadow, this may be the first look you’ll want to try out.


With Matching Lips

With Matching Lips I love doing monochromatic beauty looks and it’s one of my favorite ways to wear bold eye shadow this season. Simply find a matching lipstick to your eye shadow for a bold statement. You can even use your eye shadow and a clear lip-gloss to make a lip color that will for sure match your eyes. This is a trendy way to rock the bold eye shadow look this season.


With Matching Liner

With Matching Liner Another great way to rock the bold eye shadow trend is by using the same color eyeliner as eye shadow. My favorite way to do this is to apply a dark blue eye shadow and a turquoise eyeliner. Doing your eye makeup this way can really make your eyes pop! To really play up the look, consider wearing matching mascara as well.


Solid Colors

Solid Colors Another way to ease into the bold eye shadow trend is by starting with solid colors. Blending and color coordinating can take some time to master, so until then, stick with solid colors. Just choose one color and cover your eyelid with it. This look is always pretty and appropriate.


Smoky Eye

Smoky Eye Smoky eyes are a great way to rock the bold eye shadow trend this season. The best thing about a smoky eye is that there are no rules, so it is almost impossible to mess up. You can use colors or neutrals. You can smoke the color out or keep it more confined. You can put the darker color in the inner or outer color of your eye (or not have a darker color at all). You can put eye shadow on your lower lash line or not at all. There are so many options so just experiment to find the unique smoky eye that best complements you!


With Matching Nails

With Matching Nails One of my favorite ways to wear bold eye shadow is to match my shadow to my nails. This is a fun way to make a beauty statement. If you really want to bring on the drama, match your lips to your eye and nail color as well. You can experiment with new colors and combinations all the time, making this one of the more creative ways to wear bold eye shadow this season.


Bold Lips

Bold Lips I know you’ve probably been told otherwise, but you CAN play up both your eyes and your lips. There is nothing wrong with wearing a bold color on both of these areas of the face. In fact, it’s gorgeous and one of my favorite ways to wear bold eye shadow.

Don’t shy away from trying something new this year. 2014 is all about playing around with your makeup and stepping outside the box. Bold eye shadow is just one way to do this this season. What are some of your favorite ways to wear bold eye shadow? Share your tips with us in the comments section so we can all try them out!

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