11 Clever Makeup Tips on How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Instantly ...


Interested in how to make your eyes look bigger?

No problem!

Whether you have smaller set eyes or simply want to make them pop, there are a variety of fantastic eye makeup tips that can help you.

It mostly comes down to technique, so you may have to practice a few times in order to get your makeup the way you want it.

Don’t worry, though, it’s really easy once you’ve gotten enough practice.

If you check out these clever ways to make your eyes look bigger, your peepers will be poppin’ in no time!

1. Use White Eye Shadow

Use White Eye Shadow

You actually don’t have to smear your eyelids with white shadow if you’re learning how to make your eyes look bigger.

Rather, use a pencil or a shadow to dot some white right against the inner corners of your eyes.

That will make the whites look brighter and it will open up your eyes, instantly making you doe eyed.

2. Take Care of Your Lashes

Take Care of Your Lashes

There are a lot of makeup tips concerned with your eyelashes.

You definitely want to use mascara, but first you should curl your eyelashes.

That gives them some body and helps open your eyes wider, because your eyes themselves aren’t so obscured by your lashes.

You can use false eyelashes if you’re comfortable with that, but stick to the single lash applications and just add a little thickness.

Also, don’t do anything to your lower lashes;

it’s too cluttered, and can actually make your eyes look smaller.2

If you do it, be very careful, but think about just adding color with eyeliner instead.

3. Shape Your Eyebrows

Shape Your Eyebrows

Bold brows are in right now, and that’s cool.

You can still rock a thick, expressive eyebrow - you just have to do a little maintenance.

Make sure you keep your brows trimmed and neatly manicured.

They need to complement your facial shape, of course, so keep that in mind when you’re shaping.

You just want to maximize the space you have.

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