8 Cringe-Worthy Makeup Trends Ever ...


We’ve seen a lot of makeup trends throughout the years and I’d just like to remind you of how far we’ve come with 8 of the worst makeup ever!

You might’ve even loved one of these looks at one time and rocked the hell out of it but these days, these makeup trends just won’t fly!

Take a stroll down beauty memory lane with me and let’s be sure we don’t repeat our mistakes!

1. Electric Blue Eye Shadow

Electric Blue Eye Shadow

Bright blue eye shadow has got to be one on the worst makeup trends ever!

I’m not talking a navy blue smoky eye or something subtle and sexy;

I’m talking bright blue eye frosty eyelids straight from the 1980’s!

All women who were of makeup wearing age are probably guilty of committing this crime of cosmetics but thankfully we got over it and we finally moved past this blindingly bright trend!2

2. Black Lip Liner

Black Lip Liner

The black lip liner look was prevalent in the early 90’s and is definitely deserves a spot on the list of worst makeup ever!

Whether you were a wannabe gangsta or just liked the look of pale lips and black rimmed lips, it wasn’t pretty either way!

Lip liner can still be a big no-no if your lips are really obviously lined so make sure you avoid this blast from the past and stick to shades close to your lipstick!

3. Guyliner


Oh man, guyliner was another popular 80’s makeup staple that is still alive and well today but is still absolutely one of the worst trends in makeup!

I don’t care how hot you thought Pete Wentz looked with his lined eyes, guyliner is no bueno!

Isn’t anything sacred anymore?!

If you’re not rocking a whole face of makeup, leave the eyeliner to the experts fellas!

Frosted Lips
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