25 Unexpected Shades of Lipstick ...


I love coming across really bold, unexpected shades of lipstick.

I can't pull off all the ones I love, and they aren't all practical to try, but every once in a while I'll stumble upon a new style or idea that I know would be perfect for me.

I always have to try it!

If you're looking for some truly unexpected shades of lipstick, I've got you covered!

1. Jawbreaker Inspired

Jawbreaker Inspired

Via Plethera Of Paints.

I'm starting out with some unexpected shades of lipstick that really aren't practical for day to day life – or, rather, the design isn't really practical.

But check out the green, the yellow, the violet – would you be willing to try one of those?2

2. Pastel Perfection

Pastel Perfection


There are plenty of pastel shades around these days, but they're still new enough that they're a bit unexpected on the daily.2

Wouldn't you love to rock a mint, or a creamy light lilac?

3. Ombre Style

Ombre Style

Via ladypandacat.tumblr.com

Done subtly, this actually could be a day to day look, and there are even lipsticks to help you do it.

For special occasions and fun parties, however, go bold – I love the pink and the galactic black, especially.

4. Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold

Via Tea and Knickers for the ...

Girl, your kisses have teeth!

But seriously, this is ideal as club or concert makeup.

5. Black and Gold

Black and Gold

Via Multi

This is so chic.

The matching manicure is just everything.

6. Gorgeous Gradient

Gorgeous Gradient

Via Lips

You can mix and match your own lipstick like this, as long as you use strong pigments.

Heck, even your favorite eye shadow would work!

7. Sunset


Via Makeup

This is such a vibrant, pretty look!

Even if you couldn't manage the yellow during the day, a mix of pink, coral, and red could easily work.

Black Lipstick
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