7 Awesome Eyeshadow Primers to Try ...

If you're like me and wear eye makeup all of the time, eyeshadow primers are a complete and totally must! Have you ever heard of eyeshadow primers? If not, I've gotta tell you, they are a life-saver! They will keep your eye makeup in place and ensure that your eyeshadow doesn't rub off! So ladies, if you're in the market for eyeshadow primers, I've got my top 7 list right below!

1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

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Price: $13.25 at amazon.com
You might not hear a whole lot about Too Faced, but I gotta say, that their eyeshadow primer is one of the best! This primer is light, airy and it has all kinds of vitamins inside to keep your eyes looking beautiful. It also has unique binders inside of it to ensure that your eye makeup lasts all day … and all night!

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