7 Beauty Products I Totally Hated ...


7 Beauty Products I Totally Hated ...
7 Beauty Products I Totally Hated ...

Some beauty products are my all time favorites, and yet there are some beauty product I totally hated. Now, I won’t speak about perfumes as that has a lot to do with personal taste, however, some products like mascaras, foundations and glosses had major disadvatages anyone could notice really soon. So, here’s the list of those beauty products I totally hated, just in case you ever need a my oppinion:

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Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara Price: $6.99 at drugstore.com
It used to be good, in fact, it used to be amazing! I remember stealing it from my mom back in elementary school. But then something happened and, when I got old enough to buy my own makeup this mascara turned out to be the worst thing I’ve ever bought. It was runny, left terrible smudges and when I tried to wash it off, it simply won’t move! Definitely deserved to be on the list of beauty products I totally hated.


Eucerin Redness Relief Perfecting Lotion

Eucerin Redness Relief Perfecting Lotion Price: $14.99 at drugstore.com
Check the description- it says the product has a subtle green tone to minimize the redness. Well, let me tell you something, it isn’t as subtle as they claim! I had high hopes about it because I really like Eucerin products but this one was a total disappointment. Left my face looking dull, kind of sick and a bit greenish and the sad part is that the cream simply couldn’t be rubbed in evenly.



Diorkiss Price: $21.00 at macys.com
Lovely colors and a very rich texture, unfortunately too greasy and runny for my taste. It’s wasn’t cheap back when I bought it and it definitely isn’t cheap now so I’d expect to get a perfect product for all that cash. Am I right? I mean, I don’t have money to waste! I had to give it away as it was literally melting and running past my natural lip contours so, although it wasn’t one of those beauty products I totally hated, I had to put it on the list, simply because it wasn’t a cheap waste.


Nivea Sun-Kissed Gradual Tanning Lotion

Nivea Sun-Kissed Gradual Tanning Lotion Price: $9.99 at drugstore.com
I had to stop using it although the fake tan turned out really good. Why, you might ask? Because it stinks like hell and maybe even more because I have never been to hell so it wouldn’t be fair to pass any judgement on it! Seriously, every time I’ve applied it I had the feeling that I’m going to lose my dinner. I think I said nice things about it once, so if that is the case, note that I still stand behind them. The results are great, if you can tolerate the stench which is nowhere near slightly unpleasant. Belive me!


Max Factor Colour Adapt

Max Factor Colour Adapt Price: $6.11 at amazon.com
The lowest price of this product when it first came out was about 12 Euros and it went up and up every month untill if finally settled on a little bit over 20! Now, that is about 30 something dollars so you can do the math and figure out how many better foundations I could choose from, foundations that won’t turn all grainy after a month of use, despite the fact that the production date clearly shows the foundation can’t get any fresher than that. Yup, this is one of the beauty products I totally hated!


Nivea Visage Day Cream

Nivea Visage Day Cream Price: $17.15 at amazon.com
Here’s one that got me a bit disappointed with too, although I’m not terribly mad since my sister happened to like it. Definitely not a good product for dry skin because it doesn’t really do anything, unless you set your alarm to remind you to apply it every 2 hours. Not a totally awful products as I have a really strange skin type. However, if you skin tends to get quite dry and sensitive, I’d recommend Sebamed Visio Day Cream as it s definitely worth every penny and ended up costing me either less or exactly the same as this non-working Nivea Visage.


Rimmel Recover Foundation

Price: $2.99 at amazon.com
Don’t buy it, not even for the price of $2.99! The purpose of this foundation is to help you look fresh, well-rested and naturally glowing – instead of that, you’ll end up looking like a tired c*ap with sparkles. Yeah, I’m serious! You won’t even get the medium coverage and I don’t even want to talk about looking like you’ve had enough sleep. Oh, yeah, and your face will shine brighter than a christmas tree on all photos.

Yes, these are the beauty product I totally hated and now it’s time for my usual question. Have you had a different experience with these or shared the same bad experiece but with totally different products?

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It actually doesn't smell that bad. It's a sweet fruity smell.. I can't really place it but it doesn't stink like you make it out to be. I don't know, maybe it changed since.

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