7 Concealer Mistakes That Could Be Doing You More Harm than You Realize ...


Concealer mistakes are not mistakes that you want to make. They are ones that are pretty easy to spot. Concealer can be your best friend if you apply it correctly. It can be your worst enemy if you don't. For that reason, it is important to avoid making these concealer mistakes.

1. Choosing the Wrong Color

One of the most common concealer mistakes is choosing the wrong color. Concealer needs to hide your blemishes or under eye circles without making them stand out by using the wrong color. The correct color of concealer will blend flawlessly into your skin. There are yellow and green concealers that you can use but it requires a bit more expertise in application. You donโ€™t necessarily have to count them out but it is important to learn the correct techniques in applying them.

Applying It Too Thick
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