7 Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Makeup Routine ...


7 Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Makeup Routine ...
7 Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Makeup Routine ...

There are dozens of ways to use Vaseline in your makeup routine, but I'm bringing you the ones that I utilize the most. Vaseline is a wonderfully versatile product, and it's more valuable than you think. In a pinch, it can replace so many beauty products, plus it can create a truly beautiful look when you use it on your lips, eyes, and even your cheekbones. Before you know it, you might be incorporating a few of these incredible ways to use Vaseline, and chucking some of your old beauty products.

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Luscious Lips

There are actually several ways to use Vaseline on your lips. For starters, it makes a fantastic gloss, and it's a sure way to keep your lips soft and supple. When you're out of your favorite gloss or simply want to highlight the natural color of your lips, a quick slick of Vaseline will give them a sheen like you wouldn't believe. Alternately, after applying your favorite lip color, you can dab a little Vaseline right at your cupid's bow and on the very center of your lower lip. This creates an automatic highlight that will make your lips look lusher and fuller.


Additionally, Vaseline can work as a base for a DIY lip scrub. By mixing a small amount of petroleum jelly with sugar, you have an instant exfoliator that will remove any flakiness and leave your lips feeling revitalized. For an overnight treatment, apply a thicker layer of Vaseline before bed. By morning, your lips will have absorbed the moisture, making them plump and smooth. This is particularly helpful during cold months when chapping is common. And for a quick plumping effect, a tiny bit of Vaseline over cinnamon oil will do the trick, but be sure to patch test first to avoid irritation.


Eyelash Thickener

Now, this may be a beauty myth, but a lot of women swear by it and I've had luck with it myself, so I'm including it. There are countless products that promise to make your eyelashes grow, but some of them come with some pretty gnarly side effects – like making your iris turn brown – and others are both expensive and worthless. If you want to up your eyelash game, just apply a coat of Vaseline before bedtime. In time you'll see thicker, longer, and fuller lashes.


Vaseline is a great and affordable way to thicken your eyelashes. It is a multi-purpose product that can be used in many ways in your makeup routine. Applying a coat of Vaseline before bedtime can help you achieve thicker, longer, and fuller lashes. It is also beneficial for conditioning your lashes and eyebrows. Vaseline can also be used as a lip balm, eyebrow gel, and even as a highlighter and eyeshadow primer. Additionally, Vaseline can be used to remove makeup, protect skin from irritation, and even to make your own DIY makeup remover wipes.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Vaseline can work as a primer. It creates a smooth base and can help your makeup last longer. Just remember, a little goes a long way!

Yes, you can mix Vaseline with foundation to get a dewy, glowy finish. However, it might not suit oily skin types, so try it out first.

Easy peasy! Just dab a small amount of Vaseline on the high points of your face like your cheekbones, brow bones, and cupid's bow for a natural, dewy glow.

Definitely! Vaseline is great for removing makeup, including stubborn waterproof mascara. Just apply some on a cotton pad and wipe away the makeup.

It can, especially if you have acne-prone skin. Vaseline is occlusive, which means it locks moisture (and anything else) in. Patch-test first or use it sparingly if you're concerned.


Makeshift Eye Shadow

There are several ways to use Vaseline as eye makeup as well. You can apply it before putting on your eye shadow, so that you get a shiny, luminous effect. However, you can also use Vaseline in place of shadow. It's colorless, of course, but will create a soft, dewy sheen that works wonderfully when you're going for a more natural look. Just don't put it on too thick, because you don't want your eyelids to look greasy.


Instant Highlighter

Vaseline makes an ideal highlighter as well, and obviously it will work with any skin tone! This, too, will give you a gorgeous, dewy look. All you have to do is apply a tiny bit of the Vaseline to the very tops of your cheekbones and to your brow bones. This will draw the light to all the right places, but it eliminates the need for pricy highlighter products.


For those looking to add a natural radiance to their overall look, Vaseline can be an excellent tool. Blend a small amount on your cupid's bow to emphasize your lips, or dab a little on the inner corners of your eyes to brighten and enlarge them. It's subtle, but the effect is stunning. Moreover, unlike many shimmering makeups, Vaseline won't accentuate fine lines or pores, making it a gentle option for maintaining that youthful glow at any age. Plus, its hydrating properties ensure your skin stays moisturized, an added bonus to its beautifying effects.


Transform Makeup Products

You can also use this wonder-jelly to transform your makeup. For instance, if you have a blush color you adore, mix it with some Vaseline and try it as a lip gloss. You can do the reverse as well, and turn your lipstick into a blush. Naturally, you can also do the same with your eye shadows. I love this idea, because you can get blush or lipstick with some seriously vibrant pigment.


Another way to transform your makeup with Vaseline is by using it as a highlighter. Simply dab a small amount on the high points of your face, such as your cheekbones and brow bones, for a natural and dewy glow. Vaseline can also be mixed with loose pigments or glitter to create a custom lip or eye color. Additionally, it can be used as a base for your eyeshadow, making the colors appear more vibrant and long-lasting. This versatile product can also be used to tame unruly eyebrows by applying a small amount with a spoolie brush. Vaseline truly has endless possibilities in your makeup routine.


Eyebrow Gel

Do you have problems keeping your eyebrows in check? A little dab of Vaseline smoothed over your brows will tame them beautifully. It does double duty as an eyebrow gel as well, so it will set in any color created by eyebrow pencils or powders.


Not only does it control those pesky stray hairs, but it also gives your eyebrows a sleek, defined look. By applying Vaseline, you add a subtle shine that enhances the natural curve and color of your brows. Plus, it's a great hack for those who are sensitive to traditional eyebrow gels, which can sometimes contain harsh chemicals. The best part? Vaseline keeps everything in place all day long, so you don't have to worry about midday touch-ups. Just use a clean mascara wand or your fingertip to swipe a bit of Vaseline across your brows for that perfect arch.


Vanquish Scaly Skin

If you ever have a problem with dry skin showing scaly through your foundation, you'll love this trick. This happens to me along my T-zone and around my mouth, and I hate it – or hated it, rather, because Vaseline has saved the day again. Before applying your foundation, just smooth a little Vaseline over extremely dry patches. Dab your foundation or powder in those areas with a light touch and blend carefully, et voila! No more dry skin scales!

Do you use Vaseline in your makeup routine? If you've got any other little beauty secrets, I'd love to hear about them, and I'm sure your fellow stalkers would as well! Don't forget, Vaseline is also an ideal moisturizer, especially for those notoriously rough, dry areas, such as your elbows, knees, and heels.

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I literally live on Vaseline! It'll also heal cuts VERY quickly! And I've the couple months I've been using it, no infections.

very 9ice

great tips!! I will definitely be using them. :) I found that Vaseline also works to remove stubborn mascara under your eyes after you wash it off. ;) Thanks again!

Vaseline does not clog pores it's too high in molecular weight to clog skin but it hydrates the skin and keeps all the environmental junk out, I love Vaseline it's my go to product

If you have dry patches apply your usual moisturiser/ facial oil then apply vaseline over it. The vaseline will lock in the cream/oil & your skin will absorb it better = no more dry patches :)

I use it when I mess up on my mascara, especially if it's waterproof. Comes off easily!

Vaseline is a sealant and can clog your pores and cause eye infections. it will not make hair grow and will only weigh it down, causing the appearance of growth. Alone, it also won't moisturize lips. These are myths and definitely not worth the risk. sorry ladies.

Good article! My friend bought expensive eyelash creme I going to try Vaseline and see if it works!!!

Agreeing with Vaseline as an eye makeup remover. Works great and so affordable!

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