7 Gorgeous Prom Makeup Ideas You Need in Your Life ...


7 Gorgeous Prom Makeup Ideas You Need in Your Life ...
7 Gorgeous Prom Makeup Ideas You Need in Your Life ...

Prom season is usually a whirlwind of planning, so let's take some of the work out of it! I've compiled some prom makeup ideas to help take the edge off a bit. Once you have your dress picked out, it's important to match your makeup look to the style you're going for. Whether it's glam, classy, vintage, or flirty, there are so many cute tips and tricks to look even more stunning on your special day. Here are some beautiful prom makeup ideas to help you get inspired:

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Vintage Vixen

One of the first prom makeup ideas to consider for the big day is vintage-inspired beauty. As pictured above, Taylor Swift has her signature cat eye and gorgeous red lip that are absolute staples for the vintage look. This makeup look would go great with long, A-line dresses or short, retro pieces as well. In order to achieve this look, use a waterproof liquid liner (to ensure it stays in place all night) and a long-wear red lip color. Take a piece of tissue and place it over your red pout, then dust some translucent powder over it to help make the color last. It also doesn't hurt to bring the tube along with you for touch-ups throughout the night. Don't forget to finish off with some ultra-black lengthening mascara, or even some wispy false eyelashes to complete the cat eye look.


Metallic Minx

For a truly stunning look, first apply a highly-pigmented silver shadow all across your lower lid and into the eye bone. Next, dip a small brush into some deep brown shadow and start blending in the outer most corner of your eye and again into the eye bone. Press a bit of gold shadow right on the middle of your lower lid, and finally, finish off with a swipe of liquid liner for a winged look.


This dramatic yet sophisticated Metallic Minx eye brings an element of glamour that pairs well with any dress color. To ensure your eyes pop, line your lower lash line with a thin stroke of the same silver shadow, using a fine brush for precision. Add multiple coats of your favorite volumizing mascara to both upper and lower lashes, making them the center of attention. If you have them, applying false lashes could elevate this shimmering look to new heights, offering even more of that enviable, camera-ready allure essential for your big night.


Smokey Eye

To get a look like the beautiful Amber Heard's above, use colors such as bronze, deep bronze and brown. Cover your entire lower lid and bone with a deep chocolate, being sure to wing the color out a bit into the outer most area of your eye. Next, place the lighter bronze on the middle of your lid to add depth. Use a small brush to lightly blend the deep bronze color right below your lower lash line for a smokey look. Take a white waterproof eye pencil and line your water line just to open up your eyes a bit so they're not too overpowered by the smokey look.


Natural Beauty

Sometimes we want a more natural makeup look without having to go completely au naturale. This look is truly stunning without being too heavy or overdone. To achieve a more natural look, use light makeup on the face, like a tinted moisturizer or CC cream. Set the cream with a pressed powder, and follow-up with some bronzer on the cheekbones, temples, bridge of the nose, right underneath the hairline, and on the jaw line. Dust some peach blush right on the apples of the cheeks, and place a bit of nude shadow right on the lower lids. It's okay to go a bit heavy on the eyeliner like the model above to make the eyes pop, so once that's done, swipe a few strokes of mascara over your upper lashes only. Finish off with a nude or peachy lip color, and you're all set.


Pretty in Purple

This goes for any color you'd like to match your makeup to. One of the best ways to achieve a pop of color without being too much is to grab a creamy colored liner, like NYX's Retractable Eye Liner. After applying your shadow -but right before the mascara - line your lower (and upper if you prefer) lash line. This will help both bring out your natural eye color and draw everyone's attention towards your eyes.


Cute and Contoured

Contouring gets so many hits on the internet to figure out how the heck to achieve it. Well, it's simple - really. First, apply a creamy, thick-textured light foundation or concealer stick in all light areas using either your fingers or a foundation brush. Next, use either a dark powder or foundation that's a few shades above your skin tone and place that where the dark spots are. This includes your nose (which should be done with a small, but firm brush for precision). Once you've placed both the light and dark areas, blend everything in with a blending brush. You can also apply some concealer to your under eye area when you're done blending for extra highlight, and blend again. Once all of this is done, dust some pressed powder over your face to set the makeup. Add blush to the apples of your cheeks, and you're all set.


Soft and Stunning

For a cute yet simple makeup look, keep your facial makeup light, and pop a soft, pastel color on your eyes and lips. Finish off with some lengthening mascara or false lashes to add drama to your eyes, and you have a very subtle, yet beautiful bright look.

Prom season is extremely exciting, and I hope that these prom makeup looks will help you to look and feel your best. This is not to say that makeup is the only way someone will look their best on their special day, but playing with colors and enhancing your best assets is a fun way to feel like the glamorous beauty that you are. What makeup look would you like to achieve this prom?

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Beautiful ! x3

these are all beautiful looks, but I thought prom season was in Spring.

prom season is over where I am ;) but I'm loving these!

this is a lovely article, but it's not prom season!

5,6,7 are pretty looks to recreate :)

I think the first one was the best!

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