9 Pros and Cons of Using Makeup Brushes ...

Have you ever thought about the pros and cons of using makeup brushes? I mean, we pay good money for them and most times we pick them up and use them without even thinking twice. There has to be more to it than that, right? As much as I love using all sorts of beauty tools, I decided to look into the pros and cons of using makeup brushes so we’re using them for the right reasons and not because we feel it’s just the thing to do. If you’ve been wondering whether you should ditch your makeup brushes or not, read up and let me know what you decide!

1. CON: It Takes More Time

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One of the rationales for not using makeup brushes is that it takes more time to use. This might not seem like one of the more convincing pros and cons of makeup brushes, but it makes a difference. While it might only seem like you’re saving a minute, when you’re in a hurry to apply your makeup, every second counts. All you’d have to do is wash your hands and apply whatever beauty products directly to the back of your hand or your clean fingers and you’re ready to get gorgeous.

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