Perfect Goth Makeup Products for a Gorgeous Dark Beauty Look ...

These products for a gothic makeup look will help you achieve one of the hottest looks for fall. Makeup looks that have influences of the goth culture are one of the biggest beauty trends this year. Goth beauty is romantic and sparks intrigue. In order to get a true gothic look, apply a foundation that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone to make these products for a gothic makeup look really pop against your pale skin.

1. Kevyn Aucoin - the Expert Lip Color in Blood Roses

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This rich merlot lipstick is one of my favorite products for a gothic makeup look. When it comes to a gothic makeup look, darker is always better. This deep red is preferable to a bright, cherry red for pulling off this beauty trend. Aside from the gorgeous color, my favorite part about this lipstick is that it is enriched with hydrating Wild Mango extract. Not only will it leave your lips feeling luscious, the lipstick will also smell slightly fruity. This long-lasting formula is free of parabens and is guaranteed to elevate your beauty routine to another level.

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