Gorgeous Makeup Looks to Match Your Mood Whenever It Strikes ...

Makeup is a beautiful and creative way to express yourself. On those days where we have no idea what kind of look to go for, Brit.co put together a list of makeup to match your mood! After all, makeup is all about expressing how you feel, isn't it? Whether you're feeling flirty and date night ready, or bold and edgy, whatever the emotion, here are both day and night makeup looks to match your mood. Get inspired!

1. #Mood: Outgoing

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Daytime Look: When you’re down to socialize, a playful burst of colorful eyeliner along your lower lashes will break the ice. Reach for trending blue shades of cobalt if you want to be noticed.

Nighttime Look: This navy lip slays all on its own, so pair it with natural eyes for your evening look. That way, your enviable pucker takes center-stage to work its magic.

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