7 Ways to Achieve a Glamorous 1950s Makeup Look ...


7 Ways to Achieve a Glamorous 1950s Makeup Look ...
7 Ways to Achieve a Glamorous 1950s Makeup Look ...

Do you adore the 1950s makeup look? Screen sirens like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell are still admired today, with their simple but elegant makeup. Their glamorous look is surprisingly easy to achieve; you don't need a makeup artist at your beck and call. Try these tips to create a 1950s makeup look …

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Pale Skin

For a 1950s makeup look, pale skin is in vogue. Bronzer and fake tan were, mercifully, far away in the future. I personally can't be bothered with all that sculpting and shading, and I love my pale skin. So 1950s-style makeup is perfect for me. Use foundation, and set it with a neutral or peachy powder. A soft peachy or rosy rouge will give just that hint of color.


To enhance your porcelain complexion, veer away from heavy contouring and embrace the subtlety of the era. *Dab on a delicate touch of rouge * on the apples of your cheeks for that healthy, yet understated glow that was signature to the '50s starlets. Remember, less is more when aiming for that vintage allure. Keep the skin looking natural and luminous—an ode to the refined elegance of a bygone era. And if you're blessed with freckles, let them shine through for an endearing touch; coverage should be minimal, allowing your true skin to set the stage for classic beauty.


Simple Eyes

The 1950s woman kept her eye makeup pretty simple. If (like me) you've never quite mastered the art of shading and blending, this will come as a relief! Use a neutral shade like cream to give a smooth base, then apply a pencil, sweeping it out at the end to open up the eyes. Anyone can do this, and it looks simple but elegant.


The 1950s was a time of glamour and sophistication, with makeup playing an important role in the overall look. For eyes, the look was kept simple and elegant. To achieve this, women used a neutral shade like cream as a base and then applied a pencil, sweeping it out at the end to open up the eyes. This gave a subtle, yet glamorous effect that was easy to achieve.

Eyeliner was also popular during this time, and was used to define the eyes. It was usually applied in a thin line close to the lash line, but could be extended outwards to create a cat eye look. Mascara was also used to add definition, and was usually applied to the top lashes only.

To complete the look, women often applied a light dusting of eyeshadow, usually in a neutral shade like taupe or beige. This gave a hint of color without being too dramatic.

The 1950s makeup look was all about achieving a glamorous, yet natural look. With a few simple steps, anyone can recreate this timeless look.


Lots of Mascara

Women in the 1950s used block mascara, rather than the tubes we have today. They wet the brush, then dabbed it into the block. Does that sound awfully complicated and messy? Give it a try for the authentic look. Alternatively, use a lash-building mascara and apply two or three coats. For special occasions, try some false lashes for full-on glamour.


Women in the 1950s were known for their glamorous makeup looks, and lots of mascara was a key part of that. To get the authentic look, you can try using block mascara. Wet the brush and dab it into the block, then apply two or three coats. For special occasions, you can also try false lashes for extra glamour. False lashes were popular in the 1950s, and they can help you achieve the classic look. To complete the look, you can also use a lash-building mascara and an eyelash curler. With these simple steps, you can easily recreate the classic 1950s makeup look.



For 1950s eyebrows, think of stars like Elizabeth Taylor and her bold dark brows. The typical look was to keep them thick on the inside, and then taper them down towards the outer corner of the eye. If yours aren't naturally dark, don't try to paint them on - they'll just look obviously fake! Use a soft brown pencil to create the same kind of arch.


To perfect the shape, models like Audrey Hepburn would use a gentle plucking technique to achieve their high arches. Remember, the goal isn't razor-thin lines, but rather a soft, natural curve that only slightly exaggerates your natural brow. Keep the edges feathered for a truly authentic '50s vibe. To add a touch of drama without overwhelming your face, you can also apply a light touch of highlighter just beneath the brow bone, which subtly enhances the arch and gives your eyes that quintessential Hollywood sparkle.



The Fifties woman sure loved her lipstick! A strong color looks perfect with the simple eyes of the Fifties, so get out your boldest red. Remember, we're going for glamour here! Start by smoothing your foundation over your lips to create a base, then powder on top. This will help set your lipstick. Line your lips with pencil, then apply your gorgeous red on top.


The popularity of lipstick in the 1950s can be attributed to the rise of Hollywood glamour and the influence of movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Lipstick was seen as a symbol of femininity and sophistication, and women were encouraged to wear bold, vibrant shades to enhance their natural beauty. The classic red lipstick was a staple in every woman's makeup collection, and it was often paired with a flawless complexion and subtle eye makeup. Lipstick also became more accessible and affordable in the 1950s, with the introduction of new packaging and formulas. Today, the iconic red lipstick from the 1950s continues to be a timeless beauty trend and is still a popular choice for achieving a glamorous look.



Perfectly polished nails are an essential part of the Fifties look. They should preferably be long (you can always have acrylic nails applied, but don't rely on them all the time). Fifties nails usually matched the lips, which is a good excuse to buy a fabulous vampish red. Apply a top coat to ensure that your polish stays pristine.



Finally, no Fifties glamour queen would have omitted a spray of perfume, so finish off your look with a splash of your favorite scent. If you want to be as authentic as possible, you could pick a scent like Chanel no 5, which Marilyn Monroe famously said was the only thing she wore to bed.

Glamour will never go out of style, so take a tip from the Fifties beauties who always looked stunning. Burlesque queen Dita von Teese is a perfect example of how timeless the Fifties look is, and it makes you feel marvelous. What is your favorite makeup era?

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I myself wish I could pull off the pale skin, but I have/had bad acne. An can only not wear make up when I've tanned, cause it hides everything :(

Agreed Dascha! I was very disappointed and quite upset by point no1 ! :(

Seriously? The 50s look is only for white women? You do realize there were gorgeous and classy African-American icons in the 50s, right?

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