7 Gorgeous Prom Makeup Ideas You Need to Try ...

Prom season is approaching, and since this season is usually a whirlwind of planning, I've compiled some prom makeup ideas to help take the edge off a bit. Once you have your dress picked out, it's important to match your makeup look to the style you're going for. Whether it's glam, classy, vintage, or flirty, there are so many cute tips and tricks to look even more stunning on your special day. Here are some beautiful prom makeup ideas to help you get inspired:

1. Vintage Vixen

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One of the first prom makeup ideas to consider for the big day is vintage-inspired beauty. As pictured above, Taylor Swift has her signature cat eye and gorgeous red lip that are absolute staples for the vintage look. This makeup look would go great with long, A-line dresses or short, retro pieces as well. In order to achieve this look, use a waterproof liquid liner (to ensure it stays in place all night) and a long-wear red lip color. Take a piece of tissue and place it over your red pout, then dust some translucent powder over it to help make the color last. It also doesn't hurt to bring the tube along with you for touch-ups throughout the night. Don't forget to finish off with some ultra-black lengthening mascara, or even some wispy false eyelashes to complete the cat eye look.

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