8 Things You Need to Know about Mascara Brushes ...


Mascara brushes are seriously some of my favorite brushes in the world! I won't pick a mascara out without knowing exactly what the mascara brush looks like. Do you ladies do the same thing? Have you been looking for a great mascara brush but haven't found it yet? Well, I've got the low-down on any and all mascara brushes out there, that way you can pick the one that works for your lashes!

1. The Wand

So you've probably seen in all kinds of different mascaras, the brushes that are just at the tip and are shaped like a ball. These are actually wand brushes and they are super innovative and work great! These pea-sized bristle balls will grab up any and all lashes from every corner and will enhance them beautifully! Try this mascara brush ladies!

Natural Brush
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