The Right Makeup Application Can Hide That Icky Cold ...


Ugg, nothing’s worse than getting ready for a holiday party and trying to find ways to hide your cold with makeup. But, all is not lost! Thank goodness for the magic of makeup and a few good tips! So before you decline that holiday party and stay home with a box of tissues, here are seven ways to hide your cold with makeup.

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clothing,fashion,costume,anime,lllllllllll, One of the most important ways to hide your cold with makeup is to make sure to exfoliate your face. No doubt your nose is raw from blowing it and your skin in parched from a fever. Before you put any foundation on your skin, give it a good exfoliating treatment so you’ll have a clean, smooth surface to start with.



hair,clothing,person,woman,photography, Whether you wear foundation on an everyday basis or simply once in a while, you’re going to want to pull it out. You may be pale or ashy and evening out your skin tone with foundation will do wonders. I’d use a liquid foundation (again, keeping in mind your dehydrated skin). It’ll settle into your skin, making it look dewy and revived.



woman,lady,beauty,album cover,fashion, Very big for hiding your cold is using concealer. Place it under your eyes and on your eyelids to create a brightening effect for your face. Any dark circles or purple coloring on your eyelids will instantly disappear. Also, make sure to attack your nose with concealer. This will most likely be looking better after the foundation is on, but to help ensure your nose stays the same color all night I’d add a coat of concealer to it.



hair,clothing,lady,beauty,girl, Now that your skin tone is evened out it’s time to add some color to your cheeks. You probably look like death warmed over so let’s remedy that and give you some warmth. Place a pink or peachy tone on the apples of your cheeks and along your cheekbone to create definition to your bone structure.


Lip Balm

hair,face,person,woman,nose, Your lips have probably dried out and look like the Sahara desert right about now. So to make them look a little plumper and a little less cracked, use a tinted lip balm to give them color and moisture.



hair,woman,beauty,photography,lady, If you need more than a tinted lip balm then I’d opt for a moisturizing lipstick. Now is not the time to pull out your matte lipsticks. Apply lip balm first while you’re doing your makeup and then blot off before your apply your lipstick. I’d choose berry and pinks. Stay away from neutrals while you’re getting over this cold. They’ll only wash you out.


Eye Makeup

blue,clothing,dress,flower,beauty, You might think now is the time to pack on the eye makeup but I would keep it simple. When your eyes are closing in on themselves during a cold, putting a ton of dark eye shadow on them is only going to make you look like a corpse. Not what we’re going for. Choose a clean eye instead. Neutral eye shadows and lots of mascara are what you need. They’ll give you a clean, natural, healthy look.

Being sick sucks but thankfully you don’t have to look as bad as you feel! Make sure to drink a lot of water, use lip balm and definitely find yourself a good liquid foundation to help with discoloration. I hope this helped! Now go forth and holiday party it up! Do you have any great secrets for hiding a cold with makeup? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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Ugh i hate foundation, sometimes i just use a tiny bit of BB cream

I need this

Great tip!

This is just what was needed... Been considering calling off tonight's party cause I'm so under the weather, might give it a shot now!

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