21 Daring Eye Makeup Looks to Try in 2015 ...


Another year means another change in styles! You can redecorate your house, revamp your wardrobe, and redye your hair, so why not switch up your eye makeup? Although, I wouldn't recommend wearing most of these to the office, they're fun to try for a girls' night out, or a girls' night in! Check out these daring eye makeup looks and see if you'd be willing to try any of them!

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Upside down Cat Eye

Upside down Cat Eye Via FLIP IT!
We all love and adore a classic cat eye, but who's to say you shouldn't try this upside down cat eye? To me, this daring eye makeup style is exotic and beautiful!


Chrome Yellow

For women who can pull it off, a bold, bright liner might be the way to go! You can even match your lips for an overall high fashion, captivating look!


Chrome yellow isn't just for the runways; it's a statement shade that brings warmth and vitality to any complexion. Whether you swipe it across the eyelid for a splash of color or dab it along the lower lash line for a subtle pop, the options are endless. Pairing this vivid hue with a neutral outfit will make your eyes the focal point of your ensemble. Don't be afraid to experiment with gradients or add a hint of shimmer to elevate the look for evening wear. Remember, the key is confidence; wear it like you mean it!



Bow Via Bow Eyeliner
You'll need to have an incredibly steady hand to make this style possible! If you canmake it happen though, it will look incredible!


Emerald City

Emerald City Via New Work
Emerald is one of my favorite colors, but I never thought to use it as an eye shadow! I think this look is especially gorgeous on red heads, but anyone who thinks they can pull it off should give it a go!


Wild Eyes

Wild Eyes Via Project Wedding Photos - Project ...
This is another one that, like the bow, not everyone can achieve. However, if you can recreate this look, all eyes will be on yours wherever you go!


Rainbow Eyeliner

Rainbow Eyeliner Via Cool Makeup: Eye, Lip, and ...
This whimsical, fun style is certainly daring and adventurous! This look is sure to make your eyes pop, without looking too crazy!



Mod Via World of makeup.
I'm a big fan of mod makeup, so perhaps I'm a little bit biased. But you can't deny that this artful eye makeup is both daring and gorgeous!


Poison Apple

Poison Apple Via Make-up Artist Me!: Daring! Red ...
Red hair, red lips, and red eye shadow! Red is such an intensely beautiful color that you can easily pull it off on your eyes, but few people dare to. It's a new year though, time to break boundaries and try something new!


This Poison Apple look features a bold red eye shadow, paired with red lips and hair. It is a daring look that is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their makeup in the new year. The look is made complete with a subtle bronzer and a shimmery gold blush. The overall effect is a look that is both glamorous and edgy. It is perfect for a night out on the town, or for a special occasion. With the right products and a steady hand, anyone can recreate this look and be sure to turn heads.



Sparkles Via Hairstyles, Makeup and Cosmetics Inspiration ...
This eye makeup is pretty all on its own, but the stick-on sparkles really make it unique and youthful!


Steam Punk

Steam Punk Via all things makeup♥
Steam punk fashion is intriguing and beautiful! This steam punk eye makeup is unlike anything I've ever seen, so if your eyelashes are strong enough to hold feathers and sparkles, I recommend giving it a chance!


Purple Ombre

Purple Ombre Via Find your inspiration. Learn it. ...
Ombre is all the rage when it comes to hair, but why not try it for eyes? This purple ombre is feminine and sweet!


Candy Cane

Candy Cane Via Christmas Eye designs
Sure the holidays are passed, but candy canes are great all year round! This look is great for when you want to try something new and festive—even if it's not festive for this season.


Paint with All the Colors of the Wind

Paint with All the Colors of the Wind These deep, gorgeous tones will look fabulous on anyone, but especially women with darker skin! If done wrong, you could look like you're a circus performer. But if you do it well, wear it confidently, and pull it off—absolutely stunning!


Oh My, Orchid!

Oh My, Orchid! Via OCC Lip Tar - Matte
Orchid is a hot color for 2015! But why should you only wear this trending shade? Orchidify your life with some bright, orchid eyeshadow and even lipstick!



Sunset Via The secret of controlling your ...
This look combines the upside down cat eye with an ombre eye shadow, creating a stunning look that resembles a sunset!


Into the Sea

Into the Sea Something about this striking look reminds me of The Little Mermaid! Combining blue and green eye makeup can look positively fabulous when you do it right!


Black as Night

Black as Night Via An item from Weheartit.com
Not only does the black lipstick make this look intriguing and high fashion, the intricate eyeliner also takes it to another level!


White Lashes

White Lashes Via Moon, Stars, Holy Mary, Florals ...
Blonde women often cover up their gorgeous lashes with black mascara, but I've never understood it!, because I find white lashes are gorgeous! To be daring this year, you can wear white mascara and take the world by storm!



Shimmer Via popularimg.com
Our lives could always use a little bit more shimmer! Break out the sparkly eyeshadow and add a dab here and there, with an edgy cat eye, and you'll create a gorgeous look!


Incorporating shimmer into your makeup routine doesn't have to be limited to special occasions. A touch of sparkle can effortlessly elevate your everyday look. Experiment with different shades of glittery shadow to illuminate your eyes, or be bold and blend a sweeping glow along your cheekbones for that extra radiant complexion. Remember to balance the sparkle by keeping the rest of your makeup understated. This will ensure your shimmer stands out, making a sophisticated yet playful statement. With shimmer, even the simplest makeup can become enchanting and eye-catching.


Electric Eye

Electric Eye Via Top 10 Makeup Looks With ...
Electric blue looks like it's going to be another big color this year. I love how the electric eye is both subtle and striking at the same time!


Ice Queen

Ice Queen Via 西安彩妆写真 - 白_Bai.com
This icy cool makeup is fresh and fabulous! You'll freeze everyone in their tracks with this daring look!

These eye makeup looks certainly aren't ones you should wear every day; some are just for fun to experiment with. Which of these looks are you most likely to try?

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Love the purple ombré, red, blue.... So not feeling that rainbow liner & the crazy ones though. If I won't wear it to work, I won't wear it period. And the white lashes is hideous. Is that just primer?!

Where do u find white mascara ??? Lol

Definetly not white lashes it reminds me of spiders

I'm thinking that looking like an albino is NOT very appealing. At ALL!! Unless of course you're trying to turn on ANOTHER albino then great!! Hey! Go for it! (Besides, I've never been one to stand in the way of romance??). ;-D

This is weird

Those yellow eyes and lips scare me ! Some though like the mauves and greens are really beautiful.

The mermaid one is so gorgeous!

I like night one

#4 😱😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The mod one is my fave

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