How to Apply Makeup on Sensitive Eyes without Irritating Them ...


You shouldn’t have to avoid makeup because you have sensitive eyes.

You know the story.

You apply makeup and your eyes start to stream and itch or you apply it successfully but then after a short time it’s weepy central.

With some simple steps however, you can enjoy cosmetics as much as the next girl.

1. Take an Antihistamine

Take an Antihistamine

One good way to avoid irritating sensitive eyes when putting on eye makeup is to take an antihistamine in preparation for applying it.

It might sound extreme, but antihistamines do wonder for people with allergies.

It makes sense that the effects of the medication might be able to make a difference for somebody who is going to willingly irritate their sensitive skin.2

Many people who do this say that it significantly reduces redness and tearfulness that can occur.2

2. Use Primer

Use Primer

Another great tip is to use a primer before applying your makeup.

It might not work for the most sensitive eyes, but as a form of protection for slight irritation, the layer of primer can work as a thin barrier between your skin and the makeup that you are putting on.

Having that thin layer of primer can be the difference between getting horrible red eyes and your makeup staying on and not bothering you at all.

3. Think about Your Hormones

Think about Your Hormones

It is a fact that our hormones are closely linked with our immune system, so as our hormones fluctuate over the course of a month, so too does our immune system.

As a result of this linked relationship, your skin might be more prone to being irritated at certain times of the month when your hormones are at their most erratic.2

Listen to your body, and perhaps avoid putting on too much makeup on the days that you feel at your most hormonal.

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