7 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses ...


I've been looking for makeup tips for girls who wear glasses, as I wear them myself.

How do you best accentuate your eyes when they're hidden behind frames?

What different techniques do you need when you wear glasses for long-sightedness or short-sightedness?

And how can you avoid mascara streaks on the lenses?

Try these makeup tips for girls who wear glasses and be a bespectacled beauty …

1. Simple Eyes

Simple Eyes

The first of my makeup tips for girls who wear glasses is to keep the eyes simple.

Your frames already dominate your face, so using strong eye makeup can clash with them, or it may be hidden behind the frames.

Use neutral tones, perhaps with a hint of color from eye liner.

2. Complement Your Glasses

Complement Your Glasses

Because your frames are so obvious, your makeup needs to work with them, not against them.

Brightly colored frames can look fantastic if you're not a shrinking violet, so if you opt for them look for a flattering shade of eyeshadow or liner.

If you like strong eye colors, you may be better off looking for invisible frames.

3. Lashes


I've been wearing mascara a lot lately, and it's very annoying to constantly be wiping smudges off mascara from my lenses.

The answer is clear (unlike my lenses) - switch to waterproof or smudgeproof mascara.

Another alternative is my favorite timesaver,- eyelash dye.

Definitely no smeary lenses when you use that!

4. Lens Type

Lens Type

You also need to tailor your makeup to the type of lens you need.

Long-sighted lenses make your eyes look larger, while short-sighted lenses have the opposite effect.

So if you are long-sighted, use darker shades rather than lighter ones.

And if you are short-sighted, enhance your eyes with brighter shades and highlighter.

5. Redefine Your Eyes

Redefine Your Eyes

One of the problems with wearing glasses is that your eyes lose definition behind the frames.

So you need to put that definition back.

Use a brown or black liner around your eyes, and a couple of coats of mascara.

Another handy way to redefine your eyes is to ensure that your brows are beautifully shaped, since they can clearly be seen above your frames.2

Focus on Lips
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