8 Pastel Makeup Tutorials ...


Pastel makeup is gorgeous if done right, so why not learn it from the pros with some of these pastel makeup tutorials?

These looks are great for any occasion, no matter how big or small.

Find the look that’s perfect for you with these pastel makeup tutorials!

1. Candy Colored Look

Lisa Eldridge has quite a few pastel makeup tutorials, but this is my favorite!

There are some absolutely gorgeous colors here that could go wrong, but Lisa does it perfectly!2

I haven’t tried this look, but it’s number one of my to-do list!

This look is definitely better suited for fair skinned ladies, but no matter your skin color you can pull it off with the right shading.

2. Pastel Purple

As the Alli says in this video “Purple looks good on everyone.” And it really does!2

Especially such a gorgeous pastel look.

It’s nice enough to go with any skin tone and also look appropriate for any time of day.

When in doubt, pull out the purples!

This’ll get you out of any makeup jam you may be in where you don’t know what look to go with.

3. Spring Look

I know, the first minute or so is all in Japanese, but if you skip forward there’s a makeup tutorial in there, I promise!

The names of the products are all in English, so don’t worry.

It’s a gorgeous look that I cannot wait to try, and I love the formatting of the video.

4. Acid Pastels

This a much more outrageous makeup look!

These pastels are brighter than one might imagine, but the look is no less gorgeous.

I suppose this look is more suited for a lady who’s not afraid of getting a few odd looks, but that doesn’t mean it looks bad.

I’d love to do this look on myself, if only I had occasion!

Alas, I think most of the people around me would look at me like I have two heads if I tried something like this.

Glinda Inspired Look
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