13 Best Eye Shadow Brushes to Apply Makeup like a Pro ...

The best eye shadow brushes on the market today don’t necessarily cost a fortune, or have to be a pain to find. If you don’t know just why you should own a couple of eye shadow makeup brushes to start with, let me fill you in. For starters, if you’ve ever tried to use those little applicators that come in your eye shadow case, you probably already know they’re useless. I’m still wondering why they include them myself. Those applicators don’t adhere to your product as well as brushes do, which makes owning an eye shadow brush a must! Yet, you might need more than one to get that super glam effect you see in magazines and on celebs. Revamp your eye routine with our list of the best eye shadow brushes of all. They might just change your life, at least in the world of makeup!

1. MAC 252 Large Shader Brush

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Save the detail work for a tiny brush… this one’s made for shading! It’s made by MAC, so you know the bristles will be soft, ideal for layering shadow. One quick swipe for a subtle look, or several layers for something more dramatic!
Price: $32 at: shop.nordstrom.com

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