7 Concealer Mistakes That Could Be Doing You More Harm than You Realize ...

Concealer mistakes are not mistakes that you want to make. They are ones that are pretty easy to spot. Concealer can be your best friend if you apply it correctly. It can be your worst enemy if you don't. For that reason, it is important to avoid making these concealer mistakes.

1. Choosing the Wrong Color

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One of the most common concealer mistakes is choosing the wrong color. Concealer needs to hide your blemishes or under eye circles without making them stand out by using the wrong color. The correct color of concealer will blend flawlessly into your skin. There are yellow and green concealers that you can use but it requires a bit more expertise in application. You don’t necessarily have to count them out but it is important to learn the correct techniques in applying them.

2. Applying It Too Thick

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Most of us apply concealer too thickly. Then we end up with an uneven surface on our face or we end up with concealer filling in the fine lines under our eyes, which we certainly do not want to accentuate. Use a light hand when applying your concealer. You can always put a bit more on. That is easier than trying to remove some of it without taking it all off.

3. Not Blending into Surrounding Areas

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Blending is key when you apply concealer. You cannot just apply it to the area you are trying to conceal. You also need to blend it out into the surrounding areas. This will help to hide the blemish and make your skin tone look even. It takes a bit of trial and error to figure out.

4. Applying in the Wrong Order

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Many women make the mistake of applying concealer before they apply their foundation. You should actually apply the foundation first. If you apply concealer first, you will wipe much of it off when you apply your foundation. Try it both ways and you will see this way produces a much better result. Use powder to set your makeup after you apply the concealer.

5. Not Trying Different Formulas

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What works well for one woman may not work well for another. That is why it is important to figure out what formula works best for you. Concealer comes in several different forms. It comes in stick, pencil, cream and liquid form, as well as a couple others. Stick is usually what most people choose when they are just beginning to use concealer.

6. Rubbing in Too Much

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The key to using concealer is knowing how much to rub it in or how much to blend it in. Many people rub it in too much. You want to blend it in so that it isn’t obvious that you have concealer on but not enough that you uncover the blemish again. It is best to use a light hand when applying your concealer so you don’t rub it in too much. Using your ring finger is a good choice for applying concealer, as is using a concealer brush.

7. Realizing That Different Areas of Your Face May Need Different Concealers

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The truth is that different areas of your face may need different types and colors of concealers. Covering a blemish is a lot different than covering you dark circles. I use a concealer that matches my skin tone for blemishes. I use a yellow concealer by Mary Kay to cover my under eye circles and it works beautifully, but I have to be very careful to use a minimal amount. Your face probably has different needs for different areas of it, too.

These are 7 mistakes that are commonly made when it comes to concealer. Now, it is your turn to share with me. What is your favorite concealer?

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