8 Fab Ways to Tell if You're Wearing Too Much Makeup ...

How can you tell if you are wearing too much makeup? Do you have doubts that you are wearing too much makeup? Are your friends constantly telling you that you're wearing way too much makeup? If these all apply to you, don't worry! I've got 8 fab ways to tell if you are wearing way too much makeup and if you need to scale back a bit. We all get there, girls – trust me!

1. Cakey Skin

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Is your skin super cakey after you get done putting your makeup on ? Does it look like there is a fine layer of cake on your skin when you're done putting on powder and foundation? That is totally one of the signs that you are wearing too much makeup and that you might just need to scale back a little bit!

2. Your Makeup Smudges off

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Does your makeup actually smudge off on everything? When you hug someone, does it rub off onto them? These are all tell-tale signs that you're wearing way too much makeup, girls! Remember, keep it light and airy and you should be fine. Your makeup should not define you at all!

3. Your Makeup Bag Weighs 10 Pounds

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How much does your makeup bag really weigh? Does it weigh more than your purse? If you have makeup stick after makeup stick and you can barely carry your makeup bag around, it's honestly a sign that you're wearing too much makeup, girls!

4. Your Face is a Different Color than Your Neck

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What about the shade of your face? Is it different than your skin color on your neck? This is another sign that you're wearing way too much makeup! You always want to make sure that your skin all matches and that you are blending everything super well before you go anywhere!

5. Spider Lashes

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How about your eyelashes, girls? Are they super spidery and do they actually have mascara laced between the lashes? This is another sign that you could be coating your lashes in too much mascara and don't know when to quit! Lay off the mascara for a little bit and see how you like it!

6. Lipstick Frames outside of Your Lips

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This is actually one that I've been guilty of on quite a few occasions. If your lipstick frames outside of your lips, you need to scale it back, girls! Your lipstick should stay inside of your lips, not slip outside of your natural lip line! After all, you want the color to stay on your lips!

7. Need to Have Bronzer Everywhere to Make Your Skin the Same Color

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Oh girls, the bronzer is by far one of the biggest mistakes that many girls make! You don't need bronzer all over, you've just got to highlight with it a little and make sure that you are using it to define your cheekbones. If you need bronzer all over, it's definitely a sign that you're wearing too much makeup!

8. Drag Queen Eye Shadow Everyday

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Finally, do you do over-the-top eye shadow every single day? That's too much! Just a simple eye shadow look can actually make more of a difference than going all out! Remember that, girls!

Now that you know exactly what you need to watch out for and what signs are out there if you're wearing too much makeup, are you guilty of any of these? I know I am! What are you guilty of?

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