7 Ombre Makeup Tutorials for Your Trendiest Looks ...


Ombre hair always looks sexy, and ombre nails are as cute as can be, so why stop there? You can actually add some ombre looks into your makeup routine by changing the way you apply your eye shadow and lipstick. Sure, it'll take a little time to adjust to the new routine, but the effort will be worth it. Here are a few ombre makeup tutorials for your trendiest looks:

1. Ombre Eye Shadow

You're going to need quite a few colors in order to create an ombre eye. Start by applying a gold shade on the inner corner of your eye, then use a copper shade of shadow, and follow it up with a deep purple. Before you do all of this, you should make sure to place a piece of tape on the edges of your eyes, so that you're able to be messy.

Ombre Lips
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