7 Splendid Makeup Ideas for Your LBD ...

When I wear my little black dress, I am constantly looking for makeup ideas, so that inspired a post about what makeup ideas for your LBD that you can recreate and that are ideal for date night! If you're confused about what goes with your favorite black frock, take a look at my makeup ideas for your LBD that really work and will make sure that you look beautiful! So, you ready to explore some makeup ideas?

1. Smoky Greens

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Ah, I have to say that one of my favorite makeup ideas for your LBD to date is smoky green eyes. Green eye makeup in general is beautiful and very in this season, but smoky greens? You can't beat it! Give it a try, especially with some emerald greens and golds and see just how beautiful you look in your LBD!

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