7 Fab Tips for Applying Eyeliner for Girls Who Can't Seem to Get It Right ...

Tips for applying eyeliner are something that I love stumbling across. That’s because I have a hard time getting the right size line and then making sure that both eyes match. Over time and with lots of expert tips, I can usually get the job done, but that doesn’t mean I’m not open to new tips for applying eyeliner. So I went on a quest to gather some of the best ones out there and I’m going to share them with you here.

1. Find the Right Formulation

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One of the best tips for applying eyeliner is making sure you have the right product for you. My personal preference is the standard pencil because I have more control with it. For you it might be a powder or liquid eyeliner. You’re never going to get the precise application you crave if you don’t have the eyeliner that you can get there with. Experiment to find the one you like best.

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