7 Tips for Glamorous Holiday Makeup That Are Perfect for Any Party ...

Glamorous holiday makeup is the ticket to looking absolutely fabulous during the holidays. You can be beautifully dressed but without glamorous holiday makeup, something is just missing. I think a misconception a lot of us have is that glamorous holiday makeup is difficult to achieve but it really isn’t. There are a lot of little things you can do to punch up your look and look absolutely lovely for your holiday events.

1. Try a Red Lip

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A red lip is a very simple way to achieve glamorous holiday makeup. Everyone can wear red, they just need to vary their shade a little bit. If you are a woman that has naturally cool tones in her skin, you want to go with a blue based red. If your skin tends to be warmer, you would want to choose an orange red lipstick. When wearing red lipstick you should be careful not to overpower your eyes with a dramatic look. Let your red lips take center stage.

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