8 Tips for Wearing Blue Eyeshadow ...


Bat those baby blues this season with these, 8 tips for wearing blue eyeshadow for fall. For years, this eyeshadow hue has been associated with bad 80s makeup and fashion faux pas, but this season blue eyeshadow makes a dramatic comeback and a bold statement thatโ€™s cool and contemporary. To translate this eye-popping hue to real life, follow these tips for wearing blue eyeshadow. Remember though, less is more!

1. Donโ€™t over Apply

Keep your eyeshadow contained to your lid or crease. Nothing screams 80s like over applied and all over the place blue eyeshadow, smeared across your eyelid and brow bone. Darker shades tend to make eyes recede so be sure not to place your blue shadow above the crease line. If itโ€™s a deeper, saturated look and color youโ€™re after, apply shadow with a slightly damp brush for an intense shade and bright hue.

Neutral Pair
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