7 Ingenious Makeup Tips for when You're Sick ...


Puffy and itchy eyes, as well as a stuffy nose are one of the few symptoms that come with being sick, and so I’ve come up with 7 makeup tips for when you’re sick that will help with these side effects.

Applying makeup when we’re sick sometimes makes us feel even worse.

However, knowing the following tips will help your makeup application feel better and more comfortable while you’re having these symptoms.

So, continue reading for a few makeup tips for when you’re sick!

1. Use Minimal Makeup

Use Minimal Makeup

Of course, packing your face with makeup will not make you feel any better while you’re sick, so the first of my makeup tips for when you're sick is to try to keep your makeup use to a minimum.

The last thing you want is loads of mascara and eyeliner irritating your already itchy and puffy eyes!

You’ll be constantly trying to rub your eyes and blowing your nose, so the less makeup the better.

Your goal is to use makeup to cover up your symptoms and still look fabulous, but keep it as simple and natural as you can.

2. BB Cream > Liquid Foundation

BB Cream > Liquid Foundation

For my second tip, I recommend using a BB cream rather than a liquid foundation.

This is because a BB cream is a lighter, sheerer version of liquid foundation.

It is not as much of a full coverage foundation.

Since the BB cream works as a type of tinted moisturizer or «multi-tasking foundation», it is created to help the skin as much as it is meant to cover imperfections.

This is perfect for when we’re sick and want a light foundation to restore our complexion, keep our skin hydrated and still even our skin tone!

3. Slight Powder

Slight Powder

It’s important to set your foundation with a powder for a long lasting effect.

This can either be a translucent or color powder – according to your preference.2

Of course, you will want to continue applying the powder throughout the day when you see your face getting oily.

However, since the skin tends to be very dry when we’re sick (with blowing our nose and rubbing our eyes), try to keep the powder use to a low.

You want to avoid getting patchy, dry skin!

Load up on Moisturizer
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