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Youโ€™ve probably heard of contouring by now.

Itโ€™s getting mega hype in the makeup world.

The idea behind contouring is that it helps you highlight your face and make it look its best by applying makeup underneath your foundation.

Iโ€™ve tried it and I can tell you that it does make a difference.

People probably arenโ€™t going to say anything, but they will notice a slight change that gives you the glow and youthful look you really want.

Use these videos to help you get contouring just right.2

1. Contour like Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians may have started the contouring trend so this video is a great one for getting you familiar with the technique.

The video goes through the steps of contouring your entire face and helps you see just how much it can change your appearance when you apply your makeup.

If you donโ€™t watch any of the others, this one is a great choice for teaching you how to contour.

2. Advice from a Pro

Sometimes seeing a professional do the job of contouring can really help you follow the directions and get the job done right.

This video goes through step by step directions that allow you to follow along while you try contouring.

Whether youโ€™re new to it or youโ€™ve tried it before, this tutorial will be a valuable choice for you to watch.

3. Contouring for Beginners

So youโ€™ve never tried contouring before?

Then this is the video for you.

It makes it totally easy to learn how to contour your face so that when you put on your makeup, you have just the look youโ€™ve been craving.2

This tutorial makes it so easy to learn how to contour and youโ€™ll never regret watching it.

4. 30-Second Contouring

If youโ€™re like me, you donโ€™t have a ton of time to put your makeup on in the morning.2

That doesnโ€™t mean you canโ€™t contour your face though.

This video shows you how to get the job done in just 30 seconds or less.

Itโ€™s easy to follow and will take you from drab to fab in just seconds.


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