8 Kinds of Purple Cosmetics ...

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I confess, I love purple. I further confess that this sometimes make me feel like the Sweet Valley Twins series influenced me way too much. I can’t help it, though. I’m gaga for violet, lilac, plum, and various other shades – and yeah, I wear corresponding shades of makeup. Once I even dyed my bangs purple. Just my bangs – but that’s another phase of my wayward youth. The neat thing is that shades of purple are still holding strong in current trends, including makeup trends. If any small part of you still longs to be a member of the Unicorns or if you just like to wear the shade, then I’ve got all kinds of purple cosmetics for you to consider.

1. Barry M Kohl Pencil in Bright Metallic Purple

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Price: $3.77 at us.asos.com
There are all kinds of purple cosmetics, including eyeliner pencils. I’m picky about pencils in general, but this one sounds delightful. Kohl is always a great look, and this one can draw clean lines, or you can smudge it for a softer look. Purple eyeliner looks great with any eye color, especially greens and hazels. Protip from a friend of mine who worked for Chanel cosmetics: purple and a touch of gold can really highlight the greens in your eyes.

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