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9 Gorgeously Versatile Rose Gold Makeup Looks for Any Occasion ...

By Keyaani

Imagine being able to recreate the perfect Rose Gold makeup look for any occasion. We all have our signature go-to makeup looks. Whether it's the classic ethereal look or the vamp vixen.

Rose Gold make up is super versatile and has the perfect blend of gold and pink hues, ideal for all skin tones. Whether you're going for the rose gold cut crease, smokey eye or metallic trends. With these tutorials, you'll be able to master them and get your creative juices flowing.

1 Easy-to-do Everyday Makeup Look with a Subtle Rose Gold Eyeshadow Highlight at 3:25

This classic Rose Gold makeup tutorial is a perfect go-to everyday look. It is easy to apply and gives an overall ethereal finish. I love adding a Rose Gold highlight to the inner corner of my eyes. It brightens and gives a soft focus to the eyes, even when paired with a winged eyeliner. The mauve colour lipstick completes the look perfectly.

2 Full Face Tutorial with Creative Cut Crease Eyeshadow and Glitter Eyeliner That's Absolutely Beautiful at 5:23

Let's face it; one cannot mention Rose Gold makeup without mentioning HUDA Beauty's Rose Gold eyeshadow palette that has created a buzz in the makeup world.

This super creative eyeshadow look uses the Huda Rose Gold palette to create this truly gorgeous cut crease. The use of concealer as an eyeshadow base to create the perfect cut crease is a genius idea. Definitely, something I will be giving a go. Although a slightly more technical tutorial, you can really get creative with this look.

3 Stunning Rose Gold Textured Smokey Eyeshadow That Will Easily Become Your Favourite Go-to Look

Who doesn't love a smokey eye! When it's paired with rose gold hues and metallic trend it will quickly become one of your favourite go-to looks. I adore the smokey eye it adds the right amount of drama and is easily wearable. The pairing of matte eyeshadows with cream based Rose Gold eyeshadow creates that textured metallic wet look.

4 Subtle Glam Makeup Tutorial with a Rose Gold Winged Eyeliner for That Pop of Colour at 2:44

While the classic go-to eyeliner colour is black it's great to change things up. This Rose Gold winged eyeliner is simple but effective and brightens the eye. It is created with, none other than the Kylie Cosmetics Rose Gold cream shadow. It is an absolutely gorgeous product to have in your Rose Gold makeup collection. This overall look is easy to achieve and you don't have to be an expert makeup artist to achieve this look.

5 Fierce Full Face Tutorial with Rose Gold Cut Crease and a Bold Statement Lip Not for the Faint Hearted at 12:55

This fierce look proves that you can add drama with Rose Gold hues and it's not just used to create safe classic looks. The bold lip colour perfectly compliments the Rose Gold eyeshadows.

The eyeshadow itself is finished off with a crisp winged eyeliner and rose gold glitter under the eyes. This has got to be one of my personal favourite looks and I love a look with a dramatic lip colour for that extra va-va-voom.

6 Let Your Eyes and Lips Glimmer with the Metallic Look Trend

This intense Rose Gold metallic eyes and lips look is to die for. It is simple to achieve but the texture of the metallic eyes with the metallic lips really makes the overall look shine. I haven't personally tried this look but it is totally on my to-do list.

7 Must-see Dimensional Rose Gold Glitter Lip Tutorial

This is taking the bold lip to another level. The texture of the glitter is creating a multidimensional lip. I'm not exactly sure how easy this is to wear and whether is would last all day. But I had to include it, as it's so pretty and on trend.

8 Radiant Rose Gold Highlight Perfect for All Skin Tones at 9:58

Rose gold hues are a perfect blend of pink and gold tones, which universally compliment all skin tones. I love the use of this highlight on tip of the nose, Cupid's bow and the top the cheeks to give that radiant illuminating glow.

9 Glow with Rose Gold Elixir Primer Drops

Beauty Oils have become a staple in the makeup routine. When I think of Rose Gold I automatically think of the Farsali 24k Rose Gold Elixir. It is a versatile product and can be used as a primer and moisturizer. Giving your skin a naturally radiant glow. It can be used alone or mixed in with your foundation or used to prep and prime your eyelids and lips. It was featured in Vogue magazine definitely a Rose Gold product to look out for.

I am a YouTube addict and love watching the latest makeup tutorials, a great way to get inspiration.The combination of Rose Gold hues is timeless and compliments all skin tones.

I absolutely adore Rose Gold makeup looks. They are versatile and can be tweaked to the latest trends and crazes. I will be investing in some more Rose Gold makeup products they will definitely be making a permanent home in my makeup bag.

What are your thoughts about Rose Gold makeup looks?

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