7 Makeup No-Nos to Avoid at All Costs ...

When it comes to make up, there are essentially no rules, yet with such a great amount of creative freedom, you should still be aware of the makeup no-nos to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best make up looks just don’t work past the bathroom mirror. So unless you are ready to commit a make up felony, become familiar with these common makeup no-nos before you attempt to apply make up on your face again.

1. Light Concealer

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We have all seen those celebrities on red carpets with significantly lighter concealer under their eyes and let’s be honest it wasn’t pretty! This is one of the most common makeup no-nos that can actually bring unwanted attention to what you are trying to cover. A wrong pick in the concealer shade can defeat the whole purpose of the product, so next time you are hunting for a new under-eye concealer make sure it matches your skin tone!

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