7 Ways to Add Grey into Your Makeup and Beauty Routine ...

There are many different ways to add grey into your beauty routine. Grey is a great and versatile color that makes a wonderful substitute for black. You might be surprised how many uses there are for the color. Grey is gaining more popularity as a color option for makeup, so now is the time to start experimenting with all the ways to add grey to your look!

1. Eyeshadow

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One of the easiest ways to add grey into your beauty routine is through the use of eyeshadow. Grey is the perfect color option if you are looking for something darker, but not black. You can buy shimmery greys or silvers, or opt for matte greys. Greys are a great way to switch up your usual black smoky eye while still bringing on the drama. Grey eyeshadow looks great on every skin type and is absolutely a makeup bag must-have!

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