11 Wicked Amazing Eyeliner Tips for Almond Eyes ...

I love almond eyes, I think that they are so beautiful and the shape is amazing – but finding the right eyeliner tips for almond eyes can be difficult! The almond shape can really hide your eyes – but can also make them stand out if they are a little on the bigger side. If you have beautiful, awesome, almond shaped eyes, take a #look at my eyeliner tips for almond eyes that really work!

1. Follow Contour of Your Eyelids

Eyeliner tips for almond #eyes almost always start out the same – know your eye shape, think about dark liner. However, I think that following the contour of your eyelids is honestly the most important eyeliner tip when you are dealing with #almond eyes. You want them to stand out, and following along from end to end will do that for you!