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Beauty or Art? Stunning Avant Garde Makeup ...

By Neecey

The expression of "painting your face" meaning put on makeup really hits home when you see the magically artistic creations that skilled makeup artistes are able to achieve. More befitting an art gallery or a high fashion catwalk than a girls' night out, these avant garde makeup designs are stunning.

1 Very White Swan

face,white,red,nose,lip, Source: Скачать игры на телефон

2 Dark Shimmer

hair,color,face,eyebrow,blue, Source: Andi Soon Makeup Artist

3 Silvery-Gold

hair,hairstyle,beauty,long hair,brown hair, Source: Silvery-Gold Makeup Editorials : Golden

4 Black and Gold

face,eyebrow,nose,eyelash,close up, Source: Hair News Network Home Page

5 Plum and Crystals

color,face,hair,woman,red, Source: Glamorous Makeup - blushingheelz: creative

6 Technicolor Fantasy

face,color,eyebrow,blue,nose, Source: Timeline Photos - QNA- MAKE

7 Stepmother

hair,face,eyebrow,clothing,nose, Source: Sara Haber Make Up Artist

8 Modern Art


9 In the Pink

hair,human hair color,color,face,blue, Source: Beautiful Joker - culture

10 Pale Fantasy

eyebrow,face,eyelash,nose,beauty, Source: Makeup

11 Frozen

face,blue,beauty,skin,eyelash, Source: Ice Queen

12 Garden Geisha

color,blue,clothing,purple,toy, Source: PINWHEEL GARDEN GEISHA ooak by

13 Sequins

color,face,woman,clothing,beauty, Source: High Fashion Makeup by Sandra

14 Mohawk

color,hair,blue,face,clothing, Source: Items similar to MADE TO

15 Leopard

face,eyebrow,blue,nose,eye, Source: Oliver Finley Academy of Cosmetology

16 Striking

hair,face,eyebrow,woman,nose, Source: Fashion-Photography-by-Rasmus-Mogensen-14

17 Art Deco

hair,face,nose,beauty,lady, Source: Avant Garde

18 Into the Black

color,face,hair,vision care,glasses, Source: Courtney

19 Hard Lines, No Brows

hair,face,human hair color,nose,clothing, Source: Beauty | - Fashion

20 Futuristic Fantasy

face,beauty,head,art,sculpture, Source: Graftobian Metal Mania Kit

21 Into the Blue

face,hair,clothing,blue,beauty, Source: Avant Garde Makeup 4

22 Highlights

face,color,blue,nose,red, Source: Untitled

23 Violet and Blue

color,face,blue,nose,clothing, Source: Narikah Enik

24 Scatter

hair,color,face,eyebrow,cheek, Source: Sultry Makeup Collaborations : alice

25 Superhero Mask

color,face,hair,eyebrow,red, Source: Batman Makeup Mask. So cool!

26 African Tribal

face,head,special effects,human body, Source:

27 Color Splash

face,color,pink,cheek,nose, Source: Color Splash

28 Feather Brows

hair,face,eyebrow,eyelash,hairstyle, Source: Color me beautiful

29 The Midas Touch

face,eyebrow,nose,woman,beauty, Source: The Midas touch: A guide

30 Smudge

eyebrow,face,woman,eye,eyelash, Source: Eyeshadow Lipstick

31 Tentacle Threads

face,beauty,lady,black hair,head, Source: Tentacle Threads

32 Red and Gold

face,red,clothing,pink,woman, Source: Beauty — Svetlana Stern

33 Black Beauty

face,hair,person,nose,close up, Source: Eyes

34 Glitter Face

color,face,nose,red,close up, Source: Eyeshadow Lipstick

35 Monochrome

face,black,nose,beauty,eyelash, Source: Achados........dali e daqui - make-up-is-an-art

36 Black and Gold

clothing,beauty,head,close up,eye, Source: People - Alex Keen Photography

37 Stenciled

face,woman,beauty,head,hairstyle, Source: 100 Avant-Garde Makeup Looks

38 Fierce

face,blue,nose,eyelash,beauty, Source: CHICSTUDIOS NYC

39 Colored Lashes

color,face,blue,eye,eyelash, Source:

40 Bird Fantasy

color,face,eyebrow,eye,cheek, Source: avant - Yahoo Image Search

41 Sundown

eyebrow,color,face,eye,red, Source: Beauty and Fashion Blog of

42 Crazy Awesome

face,color,nose,woman,red, Source:, Online Shopping America, Compare

43 Tears of Gold


44 Showcase

face,eyebrow,nose,person,eye, Source:

45 Playing with Glitter

color,face,hair,nose,clothing, Source: Playing with Glitter again… Teaching

46 Toned down

eyebrow,face,hair,nose,eyelash, Source: High Fashion Makeup Technique Photos

47 Darkest Africa

color,face,hair,black,clothing, Source: Ernie Passwaters Retouch 2

48 Stolen Diamond

hair,face,nose,beauty,black hair, Source: Stolen Diamond

49 Peacock

color,hair,face,blue,clothing, Source: Dark seabed

50 Violent Violet

face,hair,person,nose,performing arts, Source:

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