Check out the Marble Lip Trend Instagrammers Cant Get Enough of ...

By Rotem

Check out the Marble Lip Trend Instagrammers Cant Get Enough of ...

Takeaway: What is the marble lip trend

There is a new beauty trend taking over Instagram that you will absolutely love - marble lips! Makeup artists are recreating a marble like finish on their lips and the best part? It is simple enough for you to achieve! Looks range from a basic marble to the addition of unique accents of color. shows us how easy this look is to recreate - apply a base coat to your lips and create small strokes of color with a thin makeup brush. The rest is up to you! To get creative makeup inspiration of the newest marble lip trend, check out the pics below!


nail, finger, blue, green, jewellery,@ryankellymua


jewellery, turquoise, gemstone, turquoise, blue,@genevievejauquet


color, clothing, fashion accessory, arm, organ,@chrishanafancy


close up, reptile, arm, hand,@makeupby_dena


yellow, close up, mouth, head, finger,@missjazminad


nail, finger, blue, green, hand,@ssssamanthaa


pink, face, lip, nail, finger,@missjazminad


clothing, jewellery, organ, ear, fashion accessory,@beautybypaisley


face, nail, nose, finger, skin,@shumjaffer


clothing, arm, organ, ear, hand,@suuzbrouwer


pink, face, clothing, violet, purple,@vanyxvanja


jewellery, pink, finger, fashion accessory, arm,@styleslewis14


head, skin, arm, finger, organ,@makeupforeverth


face, nose, finger, nail, skin,@black_fashion_18


brown, eye, lip, eyelash, organ,@martamakeup25


clothing, purple, violet, pink, head,@greta_ag


color, face, pink, purple, lip,@greta_ag


face, hair, nose, lip, mouth,@aheartsdesires


face, beauty, skin, close up, head,@urbanblissbeauty


jewellery, necklace, fashion accessory, organ, ear,@aheartsdesires

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