21 Instagrammers Thatll Give You Cateye Liner Inspiration ...

By Jennifer

21 Instagrammers Thatll Give You Cateye Liner Inspiration ...

Cateye liner has moved way beyond "trend" and is now a full-fledged classic look. If you're looking for a little cateye inspo, I've found some for you on Instagram, where the looks are endless and there are so many possibilities!

Table of contents:

  1. her ladylike look
  2. her perfect flick
  3. her pin-up cateye and red lippie
  4. her cold-day cateye
  5. her colorful cateye
  6. her nude lip and cateye
  7. her perfect arch and pretty cateye
  8. her 5-minute cateye
  9. her wonderful winged liner
  10. her double-cateye
  11. her upside-down cateye
  12. her daring, dramatic cateye
  13. her flawless cateye
  14. her cateye with specs
  15. her vampy look
  16. her white-highlighted cateye
  17. her ultra-glam cateye
  18. her classic cateye
  19. her electric blue cateye
  20. her neutral cateye
  21. her soft cateye

1 Her Ladylike Look

Her Ladylike Look

2 Her Perfect Flick

Her Perfect Flick

3 Her Pin-up Cateye and Red Lippie

Her Pin-up Cateye and Red Lippie

4 Her Cold-day Cateye

Her Cold-day Cateye

5 Her Colorful Cateye

Her Colorful Cateye

6 Her Nude Lip and Cateye

Her Nude Lip and Cateye

7 Her Perfect Arch and Pretty Cateye

Her Perfect Arch and Pretty Cateye

8 Her 5-minute Cateye

Her 5-minute Cateye Truly, she says this look only takes 5 minutes! How does she do it?

9 Her Wonderful Winged Liner

Her Wonderful Winged Liner

10 Her Double-cateye

Her Double-cateye

11 Her Upside-down Cateye

Her Upside-down Cateye

12 Her Daring, Dramatic Cateye

Her Daring, Dramatic Cateye

13 Her Flawless Cateye

Her Flawless Cateye

14 Her Cateye with Specs

Her Cateye with Specs

15 Her Vampy Look

Her Vampy Look

16 Her White-highlighted Cateye

Her White-highlighted Cateye

17 Her Ultra-glam Cateye

Her Ultra-glam Cateye

18 Her Classic Cateye

Her Classic Cateye And those freckles!

19 Her Electric Blue Cateye

Her Electric Blue Cateye

20 Her Neutral Cateye

Her Neutral Cateye

21 Her Soft Cateye

Her Soft Cateye

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