8 Tips for Wearing Blue Eyeshadow ...

Bat those baby blues this season with these, 8 tips for wearing blue eyeshadow for fall. For years, this eyeshadow hue has been associated with bad 80s makeup and fashion faux pas, but this season blue eyeshadow makes a dramatic comeback and a bold statement that’s cool and contemporary. To translate this eye-popping hue to real life, follow these tips for wearing blue eyeshadow. Remember though, less is more!

1. Don’t over Apply

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Keep your eyeshadow contained to your lid or crease. Nothing screams 80s like over applied and all over the place blue eyeshadow, smeared across your eyelid and brow bone. Darker shades tend to make eyes recede so be sure not to place your blue shadow above the crease line. If it’s a deeper, saturated look and color you’re after, apply shadow with a slightly damp brush for an intense shade and bright hue.

2. Neutral Pair

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For a modern makeover and contemporary way to wear blue eyeshadow, pair with neutral and muted shades to tone down your look. Using a matte-textured shadow helps to create dimension and contrast, which can balance out any shimmer or frost in your blue shadow. It also helps to create an everyday, appropriate way to wear blue eyeshadow for day or night.

3. Downplay Cheeks and Lips

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When you’re sporting such a bold and vivid color on your lids you should downplay your cheeks and lips to let your bright eye makeup standout. Stick to natural and neutral blushes and nude lipsticks and glosses for a look that’s not harsh or overdone. Your look can get real 80s super fast with a dusting of pink blush and slick red lipstick so it’s best to avoid any shades that will compete with your beautiful blue shadow.

4. Line It up

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To add even more depth and definition to your eyes, line your upper lash line with a black liner. Stick to a simple and clean lined lid for a look that’s sleek, sexy and sophisticated. It’s best to avoid any cat-eye or winged liner as pairing it with a blue shadow can make you look dated and Cleopatra-esque.

5. Blend

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The key to wearing bold, bright and vivid makeup is blending. Blue eyeshadow can oftentimes come across as harsh because of its saturated hue, so blending helps to create a more natural and muted look that’s soft and fresh. Blending will also help to tone down the brightness of your shadow and create a smooth polished finish to your eye makeup.

6. Rim Lower Lashes

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If you’re a little bit more adventurous and willing to play around with makeup, try dusting your outer lower lashes with the same blue shadow on your lids for a look that’s fun and youthful. Make sure to blend and keep it light to really allow your eyes to pop and come to life.

7. Go Smoky

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For a little evening drama, try creating a smoky eye with blue shadow. Replace your usual browns or grays with a deep midnight blue for a sexy and smoldering nighttime look. If you don’t want to create a smoky eye by smudging the blue shadow into your crease, you can still create that sultry look by smudging the midnight shade over your lash line and lid.

8. Experiment

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There are so many different shades of blue it’s impossible to choose just one. Experiment with a variety of hues in cobalt, teal, electric blue and indigo to enhance your enchanting eyes and find the look that’s just right for you.

Don’t fear bold eyeshadow and makeup looks any longer as these tips for wearing blue eyeshadow show you how to subtly sport this stunning beauty trend. What are some of your tips for wearing blue eyeshadow? Would you sport this bright and bold shade?

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