Fab Makeup Brands You Need to Add to Your Beauty Arsenal ...

By Lyndsie

Fab Makeup Brands You Need to Add to Your Beauty Arsenal ...

There are more makeup brands out there than any of us could ever imagine. That means the makeup brand of your dreams might be waiting out there and you don't even know. Buzzfeed, as it's wont to do, opened up our eyes to a Kaboodles-load of underrated new makeup brands, but we took it one step further by seeing what their commenters had to say and adding some of our favorite lesser-known brands, too. We also had to agree that certain brands, such as e.l.f. and NYX, though wonderful, aren't exactly underrated. Check out these brands, peruse their Instas, and then chime in with your must-have makeup lines!

1 Makeup Geek

Get it: makeupgeek.com

Makeup Geek is a marvelous place to find to-die-for eye makeup. Seriously, their colors are gorgeous and a quick look at their tagged pics will show you the potential for every imaginable makeup look. Best part? The brand's got some great new contouring powders!

2 Aromi

Get it: aromibeauty.com

Aromi is particularly popular for its liquid lipsticks, but there are so many drool-worthy lippies. My, my, the mattes. So many mattes!

"Enhancing your beauty doesn't always mean going for the glossy look. More ladies now see the allure of a shine-free finish. With the right tools and techniques, you can also achieve a flawless, subtle glow. Learn how to master this trend by following these incredible matte makeup tutorials. Enhance your natural complexion without the unnecessary flash."

3 Black Radiance

Get it: blackradiancebeauty.com

Black Radiance is the purveyor of stunning cosmetics tailored to people of color. You'll find not just lipsticks in beautiful hues, but also foundations, concealers, and powders at prices that are so affordable, you could start your cosmetics collection from scratch without going over budget. Sweet!

4 Bellápierre

Get it: bellapierre.com

Bellápierre offers everything. I mean, everything. Lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, foundation, brushes, blushes, fragrances – everything, and all of it cruelty-free.

5 Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks

Get it: shanghaisuzy.com

As you might guess, this brand is devoted to lipsticks – and if you love good lipsticks, then soon you'll be devoted to Shanghai Suzy!

6 BH Cosmetics

Get it: bhcosmetics.com

A vast array of products, an affordable range of prices, a stunning variety of colors and tones – what more could you ask for?

7 IT Cosmetics

Get it: itcosmetics.com

Do you have it? Well, you can get it. But seriously, IT cosmetics run the gamut between brushes and CC creams, plus everything in between. Touted as makeup designed to love your skin, it definitely has a tag line you've gotta love.

8 Sugarpill Cosmetics

Get it: sugarpillshop.com

Sugarpill enthusiasts praise the vibrant pigmentation, the size you get for the price, and the fact that the cosmetics are vegan. Triple win! Plus, the packaging is keee-yute!

9 Melt Cosmetics

Get it: meltcosmetics.com

Here's another makeup brand that gets high marks for its pigmentation, which is marvelously vivid. The products also get points for lasting an enviable length of time, and makeup enthusiasts know how important that is.

10 ColourPop Cosmetics

Get it: colourpop.com

Like your lipstick to smell good? ColourPop has the lippies for you! There are also eye shadows, palettes, and kits galore, not to mention some truly breathtaking colors.

11 Glossier

Get it: glossier.com

Ohhh, I'm definitely going to try this. Glossier mostly has skin care products, but they're very lightweight and many contain pigments that make them more like foundations. Also? Eyebrow gel!

12 Innisfree

Get it: insiderbeauty.com

Innisfree offers a wide range of natural products with lovely pigments, but fans really love the CC cream!

13 Fyrinnae

Get it: fyrinnae.com

Fyrinnae is up-and-coming, but there are some gorgeous, glamorous lipsticks to be had. I get a Goth glam vibe from them for sure.

14 Pacifica

Get it: pacificabeauty.com

Pacifica gets high marks for its eyeliner, its CC cream, and its liquid liner. Any fans?

15 Milani

Get it: milanicosmetics.com

Mascaras, eye shadows, lip glosses, gorgeous matte lipsticks, blush, powder – if you want it, chances are Milani has it.

16 Josie Maran

Get it: josiemarancosmetics.com

Like Milani, Josie Maran isn't quite what you'd call an underrated makeup brand, but it's still worth mentioning because it's just such an all-around great brand. Even if you need hair care, you're covered.

17 Lipstick Queen

Get it: lipstickqueen.com

Here's another brand devoted entirely to lipsticks, and though they're a bit pricey, they're worth the extra cash when you're ready to splurge on a lippie.

18 Essence

Get it: essence-cosmetics.com

In addition to the cheap prices, fans of Essence adore the lip liners, the lipsticks, and the gel eyeliners. You can find pretty much any product you need, though, from nail kits to bronzer.

19 Mirenesse

Get it: mirenesse.com

This brand ranks high among makeup lovers with allergies and sensitive skin, which is a pretty big endorsement. It's worth a try if you have problems with other products – or even if not because wow, there are some gorgeous looks you can pull off with Mirenesse products.

20 Becca

Get it: beccacosmetics.com

Stunning pigmentation, beautiful colors, and SPF in the mineral powder! That sounds excellent! Know what's even better? The wide range of shades you'll find – there's something for every stunning skin tone out there, and the potential for glowing makeup looks.

21 Lord & Berry

Get it: shop.lordandberry.com

Lord & Berry is all about lips and eyes. The brand calls itself the “lips and eyes make-up specialist,” and I have to agree with that. I've seen Adele's eye makeup and Emma Stone's lips, ah thank you.

22 L.a. Girl

Get it: lagirlusa.com

L.A. Girl offers a little bit of everything at amazingly low prices, but fans especially love their lip liners!

23 Sonia Kashuk

Get it: soniakashuk.com

Buzzfeed commenters had a lot of names to add to the list, beginning with Sonia Kashuk. I think this brand might qualify as underrated because it's in Target, but honey, Tar-jay has such affordable makeup! Nothing wrong with that!

24 Coastal Scents

Get it: coastalscents.com

Coastal Scents appeared more than once, with good reason. All the products, all the colors, all the low, low prices!

25 Morphe Brushes

Get it: morphebrushes.com

Contrary to the name, Morphe has so much more than brushes. So much. Oh, it's all so pretty …

26 Ofra Cosmetics

Get it: ofracosmetics.com

Ofra Cosmetics has a range of stunning lipsticks, eye shadows, liners, and so much more, all tailored to an equally impressive range of skin tones, from pale to dark and everything in between.

27 Makeup Revolution

Get it: makeuprevolutionstore.com

Eye shadow, lipstick, skincare … so much to choose from, so many potential looks!

28 Gerard Cosmetics

Get it: gerardcosmetics.com

This brand is best known for lipsticks, but you'll also find a squeal-worthy variety of bronzer, foundation, and blush, plus the brow bar is apparently out of this world.

29 Yves Rocher

Get it: yvesrocherusa.com

Here's my personal addition to the list: Yves Rocher, although I now shop through Yves Rocher USA, of course. Heather and I fell in love with the botanical brand in Paris, the second we stepped into the store. The prices are incredible, you get free gifts with every order, and the makeup, hair care, and skincare products are all ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. The lip glosses are amazing, the liquid eye shadows are super dramatic, and the eyebrow products are next level!

So, we've heard from Buzzfeed's readers, Buzzfeed's commenters, and even me. Your turn – which underrated makeup brands do you love?

h/t: buzzfeed.com

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Love love love BECCA's liquid matte foundation and mineral powder. They're perfect for my sensitive skin.

Yves Rocher is very good!

me, i love their lipsticks

We sell lord & berry make up. I LOVE there foundation and lip colors!

Wet & Wild, and ELF have really stepped up their makeup game too! I just bought a huge haul of Wet and Wild everything is so good! The blush lasts all day/night. I've worn it for 12 hours and it looked just as good at hour 12 as it did when I put it in. I'm very impressed with Wet and Wild. Very affordable too!!!

Essence cosmetics are amazing! When I'm low on cash but need mascara or eyeliner it's my go to brand and their surprisingly good quality I'm currently using a essence eyeliner it hasn't let me down yet!

Wow!! What a huge list of brands. As a make up artist, I really enjoy working with IT Cosmetic's, Mac, tarte Amazion clay foundation& setting powder, Lancôme for mascaras, hourglass primer, and everything else under the sun! Have fun& experiment!!

Great article very useful

Ordinary has become one of my big favorites! They specialize in skincare, but have branched into makeup and hair care. Plus the prices are insanely good. Their foundations come in so many colors, and is both so light weight and yet easy to build on. After turning 30 my skin decided were suddenly arch enemies, and this brand saved me!

I buy some of my make up products as yves rocher ..it's very good :)



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