7 Foolproof Makeup Looks That Anyone Can Try ...

To be prepared for any occasion, every girl must have at least a few ideas for foolproof makeup looks. Whether for a lunch out with your girlfriends, or for a black tie event, these makeup looks are definitely wearable! Anyone can pull these off too. Here are 7 foolproof makeup looks that anyone can try.

1. Bold Red Lip

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The bold red lip is one of the easiest and fastest of all of the foolproof makeup looks. If you're feeling lazy or in a hurry, all you have to do is to put on a red lipstick that matches your skin tone. You can also mix it up by applying light to medium coverage foundation and black mascara. You can also choose to apply a thin, crisp black eye liner on your upper lids. For a more dramatic look, use matte eyeshadow in shades of brown.

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